Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Problem Solved!

After pondering my yarn quandry for the felted hat, it occured to me that I still had an extra skein of Frog Tree Merino that was left over from Maddy's mitts and it was in the perfect beige shade I was looking for! Whew! It must have been a senior moment--something that I am having way too many of lately. I vaguely remember that same yarn in a brown, so I zipped over to Cloverhill after work and lo and behold they had it.

Now the next quandry is whether or not to return the teal Cascade 220 and matching Quattro yarn or just keep them for some felting project. I tend to think they will be added to my ever growing stash. I think I will still plan on making the purple and green hat, depending on how the brown one looks.

My son informs me that Maddy has a birthday this weekend. I wish I had known sooner as I would have made her something. She loves the hats and Fetching Mitts and I would love to do a scarf for her but can't possibly get one done by Sunday--well, maybe. I'll think about it.

I came to realize today that I have work to do where my kitties are concerned. Check out Nora, the Piano Playing Cat and you will understand! I'm the musician! I should have been giving Mokey piano lessons instead of dressing him up! Who knew?

Went to the 4th Wednesday knitting meetup tonight and it was fun as usual! I have to do the last 2 fingers on the first glove then it will be done! Of course then I just have to make myself do the second glove! I now understand why people only knit one sock! Fortunately DH wants these by March 17 for an outdoor function, so that will keep my ass in gear!

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