Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kitty Fashion Show Continued

I have to admit that I've joined the Mokey Fashion Show bandwagon. I caught myself checking out the clearance doggie, er--I guess I should say "pet'--yeah, that's it--clothing at Pet Smart this weekend. I just couldn't help myself so I bought Mokey a nice preppie argyle sweater. I wanted to get him a pink one but Ems insisted that pink was just too girlie for such a macho guy like Mokey.
Here Mokey models the latest in spring fashions for the collegiate young feline.

Actually, the preppy look doesn't suit Mokey. He's much more of a biker dude. I guess the next outfit will feature leather and chains!


  1. Aww! Mokey looks so cute! I can't believe you got another cat in a sweater ... How long did he keep it on?

  2. Vintage Knits is the book I was trying to think of tonight. Where did you order your patterns from you showed me tonight? I really like the red one with the leaves ....

  3. *giggle* He looks so annoyed in the top picture. Kind of like "Mom, this is humiliating!"

  4. oh my! Your cat has quite a wardrobe. Perhaps you should knit him some sweaters. You could make one with a skull and crossbones on it.

    Thanks for sharing these with me!