Monday, February 19, 2007

My last day of freedom!

This is my last day of freedom as can be evidenced by the fact that it is almost 1 p.m. and I am still in my pj's. One nice thing about being off is that I've been able to spend some quality time with Peanut, alias Deke. He's 17 years old and in failing health. Given his symptoms of extreme weight loss, drinking a lot of water and peeing excessively and everywhere; he either is diabetic or has renal disease. I will probably take him for a diagnosis, but I won't put him through any extensive treatment. He won't take pills and reacts almost violently if he has to stay over at the vet. He's just too old to go through that. He's so skinny and it's hard to believe that he was once actually on weight reduction cat food! He's been cuddling next to me on the couch when I sit to knit. It's difficult to pet him because his spine feels like a stegosaurus due to his arthritis. He's in a good mood and gets playful sometimes. It makes me sad to see him in failing health.

I was excited to see snow yesterday afternoon, but it turned out to be just flurries. The cold wind remains and the twins, Samantha and Harley, have been competing for space by the portable radiator.

One of them ends up sleeping there all night.

I started the Pop Up Paws. This project is reaffirming my realization of being a yarn snob. I am making them in Plymouth Suri Merino yarn and it feels to incredibly good! It makes it hard to put them down which means I should finish them quickly! A sweater out of this stuff would be an absolute dream! I'll post a photo when what is on the needles actually looks like somthing! Right now it is just 10 rows of ribbing!


  1. Samantha and Harley are just too adorable! Be sure to get to bed early tonight so that you are ready for school/work tomorrow. Having the last 6 days off have been GLORIOUS!

    This we can make a pact with Mother Nature? *laugh*

  2. Oh definitely! I hope it comes in by then. It shipped on the 21st so the 28th is 7 days. That's not a ridiculous thing to hope for ...