Thursday, October 29, 2009

The power of music!

Is anyone really surprised? They say music has charms to soothe the savage beast!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainy weekends are nice!

I'm not one who typically likes rain, but staying in on a rainy weekend can be very relaxing! Friday, there was no school and I was a lazy slob. I loved every minute of it! Other than running a couple of short errands, I just stayed home, did some knitting and vegged out! Yesterday, I did get out to knitting group and there was a total of 5 of us! Typically there are over a dozen. It was just nasty out. So my friend Cat and I did lunch at the Ram's Head then came to my house for lattes and more knitting. We hung out and watched Sicko, (which should be required watching for both the House of Representatives and the Senate) then Cat left.

Friday I did hit the Vogue patterns sale at Joanns and I got the following:

Turns out that I have about 5 yards of cream colored wool melton coating that a friend gave me a few years ago and it will be perfect for that coat!

I also got this pattern for my gown for the Patriot's Ball this winter:
I've seen this pattern dozens of times but it never really did much for me until I saw this:
I love the use of the menswear fabric for this! I'm thinking that a small red tartan plaid would look great. If I can't find one then I will do the houndstooth like in the photo. I am planning on knitting the black beaded Gaia shrug to wear with this. I posted that photo in my last post.

Meanwhile, I am still feverishly knitting the Vine Yoke and I am almost halfway done. I took it to Joann's with me to look for buttons but found nothing that appealed to me. Next will be the LYS to see if they have the Lantern Moon wood buttons which may do. I suspect that I will end up at G Street as I usually do. That is really the only place to find buttons when you need to see them in person. The yarn is such an odd color of brown--sort of grayish, pinkish brown--so most wood buttons just don't match. Antiqued pewter would work okay if I can find the right ones. The sweater is somewhat rustic looking so I feel that the buttons need to be a natural material like clay, wood, bone or shell. So that will be my next quest!

The rain is leaving us which is nice since rainy rush hour mornings always blow!

Kitty Cam: Samantha knows how to spend a chilly autumn day!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Goings on!

I've been busy at school and trying to get some things made. That's pretty much what's been going on around here. I did decide to go back to decorating for Halloween. In fact I did this the last weekend in September!

That's a sample from the dining room!

I knocked off some little projects. I love knitting hats, so I knit 2 baby hats--both exactly the same. Here's a photo of one of them:
I love this little pattern. It's a free pattern from Spud & Chloe yarns and fortunately I had some stash yarn which fit the bill! I also made a beret for myself. I had seen it in the Knit One magazine and I had the yarn the pattern called for, courtesy of my secret pal! I'm not thrilled with the result, however. I looked at the projects on Ravelry and many of the people said that the hat was really large. I knit a swatch and got gauge but I decided to knit the ribbing on size 2 needles instead of the size 3 called for in the pattern. I switched to the 3 for the body of the hat. I probably should not have done that. The hat turned out much larger and drapier than the photo. It's a little loose so I am going to weave some clear elastic thread through the ribbing to give it some support.

Once I fit the ribbing, I'll model the hat!

I'm putting aside my summer knitting and starting on my winter projects. I'm about one third of the way through the Vine Yoke Cardigan. I'm really enjoying this pattern. It has a rather unusual construction. It was one of the selections of the Sexy Knitters' Club KAL. I would like to do two more of their selections:

The sweater is called Vivian and I love it. I've decided to pass on knitting it for now because I know that I wouldn't get it finished. I'm looking for faster projects. I did buy the pattern and I will make it at some point. The shrug is a real quick knit and I ordered some Tilli Tomas black beaded kid mohair/silk and a black wool/alpaca blend from KnitPicks. I want to make this to wear with my gown to the SAR ball in Dec.

I haven't done much sewing lately and I have to finish a sun dress I was working on. I'm going to finish the dress except for the zipper. I'm losing a little weight and the dress is fitted so I figure that I can take it in before putting in the zipper next spring if I need to. I did participate in a Christmas apron swap so I made an apron from a vintage pattern reissue:
I love the fabric! It's got kitties and yarn balls! My swap partner has 5 cats and she loves to knit so this was perfect! I may have to make one of these for myself!

I moved into a new purse a few weeks ago! I'm not one of those people who changes purses with outfits. I get a really good bag and I use it for literally years until it is worn out. My old icon bag with the Klimt painting of Adele on it was looking a little worn and I found a great Icon bag on clearance on their website: The trick for me is to not load it up and make it heavy. I'm able to stick a water bottle and a small knitting project in it which is nice.

So that's about it for me! Ems was in her first public scrimmage Tuesday night. Here she is as Crushin' Dior with the Steel City Derby Demons:

Kitty Cam: It's Super Harley!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Touching story

I saw this piece this morning on CBS Sunday Morning. Being an animal lover, it moved me to tears. It's heartwarming so enjoy it!

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Not one. . . not two . . . not three . . .

But four! Four gifts from my Secret Pal! I've been bad about posting my photos but I did thank her personally. She's been really spoiling me! First of all, the second week of school, I got two gifts two days apart:
This one has two skeins of Classic Elite Cotton Bamboo and some Corn Fiber yarn from Kollage. There are also some magnets and a cute guitar charm stitch marker.
This one has some body lotions, scotty dog notes and pad, and Starbucks truffles.

I was particularly excited to see that Classic Elite yarn! I had been looking at the Leaf Lace beret in the Knit 1 magazine which called for that exact yarn in this amount so I cast on!Fortunately I checked Ravelry about this pattern. Everyone said that it was large so I used a size smaller needles for the ribbing. Unfortunately I did not have them in the 16 inch so I had to do Magic Loop. I was quickly reminded why I don't do this technique. I really don't like it and had I remembered that, I would have just used double points. It was only a few rows then I changed to the size indicated in the pattern which I had in 16 inch. I'm almost done with the hat and hope to finish it within the next couple of days.

A couple weeks later I got this:

The stocking my pal knit is actually more blue than in the photo. I thought the wreath kit was really neat. It will make a great portable project since each piece is knit separately.

Finally, last Monday I received the final gift:

She attached little hints to each part of the package. She made the 4 washcloths, included postcards from Nashville which is where she grew up, added a bumper sticker from GA where she now lives and included 2 gorgeous skeins of fingering weight yarn--one from Aurucania and one Fleece Artist.

I've loved everything, Secret Pal--who I now know as Kim! Thank you so much for all your kindness!