Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fair Isle Faux Pas

So I started Bird's hat which looks really good from the outside. It's the inside that is the problem. I didn't think about the implications of doing a fair isle design on just a section of the hat. I carried the gold yarn in back but when I get to the end of the Greek letters, I can't carry the yarn around the hat! I ended up cutting it and leaving a tail to weave in later. That means that I will have a tail of gold yarn at the beginning and end of each of the 15 rows of the design! I wonder if there was a better way to do this! Maybe I could have wound 3 bobbins of yarn and used one for each letter, letting the bobbin hang. Then I would just have to cross the gold yarn over the 10 or so stitches back to the beginning of the letter for the next row. Does that make sense? I'll just have to see how the inside looks when the tails are all woven in!

And here is what the right side looks like so far!

I'll post a photo of the finished hat tonight!

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