Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's all Greek to me!

Well I finished the Greek hat and it turned out better than I expected! First of all, the challenge was what to do with all those gold yarn tails. I wove them into the hat but found that they showed through on the right side when the hat stretched so I pulled them out. I decided to knot them. I knotted two together, then took one and knotted it to the next one and so on until I got to the last one. It created a row of what looked like a vertical garter stitch or something. Typically I wouldn't do this inside a hat because I'd be afraid that the wearer would be able to feel it, but Bird has such thick hair that he would never notice! It may not be the "right" way to handle this situation, but it turned out okay.

And here's the finished product!

Harley is definitely confused! I've never known a cat to willingly go into a carrier, but he loves sleeping in the new one that I bought for Mikey. When he's not in there, then Sammy is. I guess that will change if they ever take a trip to the vet in it!

I have started Maddy's Fetching Mitts using the Frog Tree Merino that I bought last weekend. It is interesting yarn. It is one ply and loose--almost like roving. I'm used to using yarn with more of a twist. This is really soft stuff though. I think they will turn out very comfortable in this yarn!

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