Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cast Ons

I've been experimenting with a few different cast ons lately. I used to do a long tail cast on pretty exclusively but I'm finding that different cast ons work for different applications. I started using the knit cast on, but I'm not sure that I like that one. I used a crochet cast on for my oversized sweater that I'm making. That leaves a nice edge. It is done like the crocheted provisional cast only using the live yarn instead of waste yarn. My favorite cast on is the cable cast on. I've been making a lot of hats with ribbing and the cable cast on leaves a smooth edge that works with both knit and pearl so it does particularly well with ribbing. I used it on David's hat that I made him for Christmas which is knit in Patons Classic Merino.

This hat is the London Beanie which is one of my favorite all purpose patterns.

Here is a closeup of my cable cast on edge. I love this pattern. I made Jeremy a plain black hat using this pattern which I duplicate stitched his fraternity letters on. I found it a pain to do the duplicate stitch on the black as it was difficult for my old eyes to see the stitches. I'm getting ready to make him another one. He wanted one in the colors of his fraternity which is royal blue and gold. I have some royal blue Cascade 220 and some gold Patons Classic merino. I will use fair isle to do the letters this time. I love this knitting graph paper that you can customize to the gauge you are knitting. I printed out a piece and graphed the Greek letters and they turned out great! I'll be sure to post a photo of the new hat when it's done. I want to complete it for Valentine's Day since he and Maddy will be coming home on Friday.

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