Monday, April 26, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention!

In case anyone is wondering, I've been busy. It's NHL playoff season and my beloved Caps are in the playoffs. I've been hooked! I've also been watching the Pens as they are the arch rival of the Caps! Anyway--anyone who knows hockey players or hockey fans knows that we have our silly game day superstitions. Mine is that I MUST wear red on game day. After all our motto is "Rock the Red!" I have 3 red shirts that I alternate, but DH got me a nice Caps T-shirt for Christmas. He had gotten it at one of the stands at Verizon Center when we were at a game.

As luck would have it, the shirt, which was a size S (my normal size), was way too tight. It is a thin cotton knit with absolutely no stretch. I finally decided to do something about it!

I simply split the shirt along the side seam and sleeve seam and inserted a strip of black knit! I'm sorry that I didn't have any navy fabric. There wasn't any at Joann's so this was a make shift job! I was pleased with the result!

I've been slacking with the knitting. I need to do the sleeves on Sylvar. That will go quickly. I tried the body on and it is perfect! I also need to do one sleeve on Birgitte but I'm going to let that one hibernate because I want to start Myrtle which is a nice springy lace cardigan!

Anyway--that's it for now. No kitty cam tonight because the game is on!