Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cold Spell

Well it seems that the extreme cold spell may be coming to an end. It's been horrifically cold!

I found Harley nestled between the portable radiator and the baseboard heat! He ended up sleeping there 2 nights in a row!

I finally finished Maddy's mitts! I've decided that the Frog Tree Merino was worth the trouble. Of the three pairs of Fetching mitts that I've made, these are by far the softest and the most comfortable. They will probably be the warmest as well. I forgot to bind off using smaller needles, but the picot edge turned out just right!

I do hope Maddy will like them! I wrapped them up with some gummy bears for her Valentine gift and put it with Bird's gift--the Greek hat and gummy bears--on the bed so they'll see them when they get in from College Park. This is assuming, of course, that they are seeing straight after being in College Park. Things tend to get a little crazy over there!

Greg was waiting on the bed all evening for me! He is the only cat I know that, as the saying goes, "sleeps like a dog!" He doesn't wake up! He sleeps like a teenager!

I'm excited to be taking an entrelac class tomorrow! I hope I'll like it! I hear people either love doing it or they hate it, so we will see! I'm also excited to participate in Secret Pal 10 so I'll have to get my questionaire up tomorrow as well! Time for some shut-eye!

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