Sunday, May 27, 2007


It's Memorial Day weekend! I believe this weekend was meant for reflection, but in true American fashion, most citizens turn it into a celebration with food as the centerpiece. So here is my tribute to the red, white and blue:

What is this you ask? Why the red is the strawberries in the brown bowl that DH picked from the garden. The white and blue are two containers with more strawberries--about a gallon and a half or so! This happens about every other day this time of year.
How does this amount to a celebration?
Well, you have to add this:

The plan is to make strawberry mojitos.
We had an impromptu afternoon of going to the movies with Ems, KC and Bird followed by a cookout in the rain.
In reference to the movie--I generally don't prefer my men with eyeliner. However, I will make an exception for this:

I decided that the kitties should celebrate as well so I put a heavy dose of fresh, organic catnip on their turbo scratcher. For those of you who aren't cat owners, this would be like getting your kids liquored up or high only it's not illegal. Also, cats can't get DUI's because they don't drive. I guess if they were to be charged with anything it would be PUI (playing under the influence), EUI (eating under the influence) or SUI (sleeping under the influence). That pretty much encompasses the typical feline day. Now if your cat is a serious mouser, then I guess he could be penalized for being intoxicated while on the job.
Harley was the first to get to the scratcher where he proceeded to act totally foolish.

Then a line began to form.

Looks like Harley got intimidated by Mikey:

who clearly had no intention of relinquishing the catnip!

Next Sammy got into the action!

As you can see by the body language, Greg decided to take control of the situation and get Sammy to move!

Greg seems victorious and he has no intention of giving up the turbo scratcher!

I guess I will have to post this public service announcement next to the turbo scratcher:

Knitting news: I have worked some more on Rusted Root. I love the pattern but don't love the yarn. It sort of reminds me of when I made Maddy's Fetching mitts. The finished product was wonderful, but working with the yarn was a drag. This cotton fleece splits a lot --probably not helped by the sharp points of the KnitPicks needles. It will all be good in the long run though!

And now from the WTF department:

How did this:

Turn into this?

In 3 short years no less! My God! What can the future possibly hold in store for our family!

Kitty Cam:
Duh--I think you've seen it already!


  1. Strawberries, yummy yummy!

    The test is over with!!

  2. There is only one thing that caused the transformation, and it is the most wonderful thin in the world...

    thats right, beer.