Sunday, May 13, 2007


I love surprises! Who doesn't? It was so much fun to come home Friday after a burn-out week to find a package from my secret pal!

First there were some fun black and white stationary goodies: a journal, stickers, post-its and ribbon!

Next is a silky bag and a dark chocolate, espresso bar which I will indulge in when I need that afternoon pick-me-up during the week!

What was in the bag? Gorgeous black Malabrigo! I LOOOOVE Malabrigo! I think this skein may become a hat and matching fingerless mitts!

Thank you so much Magic Loop for all your thoughtfulness!

Another Friday delight was my first trip to Curves! What a fun way to exercise! I really felt invigorated and I actually enjoyed the experience! I'm sorry I was unable to go on the weekend! Saturday was taken up by our spring MUSIK workshop. It was a wonderful workshop all about choral techniques for children's choirs and the best part, of course, was being able to hear 5 different choirs. The downside was that I had to get up as if it were a school day and I had to leave the house at 7:30 a.m. Yuck! That shouldn't be allowed on weekends!

Today I shunned my usual Sunday activities which involve cleaning and I took advantage of Mother's Day being a day for mom to relax! I visited my mom and brought her a CD player with some CD's of music from MGM movies of the past --think Bing Crosby, Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland etc. My mom is almost 86 and she is in hospice care in a nursing home. I can't help but find her existence to be sad. She loves music like the rest of us and I know she was thrilled with the CD player. When I was giving her dinner, she would stop eating and just listen then say "I love that song." I just hope the nurses will remember to turn her music on for her. DH called out and got crab cakes at Timbuktu's for Mother's Day dinner! If you've never had a Maryland crab cake from Timbuktu's, then you've never had a REAL Maryland crab cake! They are the absolute best and they are HUGE! Today was also Bird's 21st birthday. We gave him a home brewing kit along with some smaller items. The rule is that any fermenting will be done in the basement!

Sahara progress: I got the neckline lace done and the seams stitched. It's a beautiful sweater!

I have started the 2nd sleeve and I expect to be done before next weekend!

Here's the latest from the Kitty Cam:

Greg, the King of the Remote Control!


  1. The Sahara is looking great!! One of these days I'll get around to starting mine :)

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! : )
    I love your Sahara, it's going to look beautiful.

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