Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sheep & Wool

I know! Boring title, but I feel brain dead and couldn't come up with anything better! The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was this past weekend. I hadn't been in a couple of years so I decided I needed to go! I was fortunate enough to get into a class on Friday which lasted all day. Cables World Tour taught by Janet Szabo. The work this woman does is unbelievable! We basically did a lot of swatches and I learned quite a lot! Here a a few of the samples:

As I was leaving, I was able to ogle over some of the yarn the vendors were putting up, but the vendors didn't open until Saturday. I learned a lesson this year. If I really want something that I know will be available--go Saturday morning. Period. You snooze, you lose! I knew that Tilli Tomas would have a stand and I wanted some of her yarn for my Simple Knitted Bodice. Her yarn is really pricey and no one discounts it. By the time I got to her stand Sunday afternoon, there wasn't much of a selection. The prices were about 30% off so that's completely understandable. She said she would be there next year, so I'll wait since I probably wouldn't be knitting that sweater up until then anyway!

I know people who have to sneak their yarn purchases into the house so their spouses won't see them. My spouse worries more about me bringing an animal home. It was tempting. I fell in love with Berniece:

She is a 3 year old angora bunny who was looking for a new home. I love watching people spin directly from the rabbits. They just put the bunny in their lap and pluck the hair right onto the spinning wheel!

Of course there were sheep at the festival. My favorites are the Karakuls:

Here is Pheelya fondling a big one!

Don't forget the alpacas!

I particularly like the ones with the punk rock hair!

My very favorite animals at the festival were the llamas! They seem so regal for some reason. I think it's because they look so much like camels!

I'll write about my purchases tomorrow. Of course, no collection of animal photos would be complete without kitties! Here's Bar in his new sleeping place! He found a spot on DH's bedroom chair and has spent the last 5 nights there!

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  1. Yeah, I'll be there Saturday morning next year too ... and hopefully I can take a class too! Glad you guys had fun with the animals ... my camera was acting up and only let me take a couple of pictures.