Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy Busy!

Busy day! So busy, in fact, that I knit exactly 136 stitches! Two rows on my second Sahara sleeve! I'll make up for it tomorrow!

Kitty Cam:
I know that I wear my political beliefs on my sleeve, but who knew they would rub off on ALL my family members!

Being that Cosmo dresses in drag (he IS the fashion show kitty, after all), one could assume him to be a liberal!

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  1. I've actually been trying to figure out how I could make a trip to WEBS! The green thingie with cables is a baby blanket for one of my friends. It's the Aran Baby Blanket from the book Knit Baby Blankets. I love how it's turning out and have actually memorized the pattern. There are three sets of what's in the picture across the width of the blanket. So, 9 cables total - lots of fun!