Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sheep & Wool continued

I must say that I exercised a huge amount of self-control at the Sheep & Wool festival. I went with a list--mainly looking for yarn for 2 sweaters. One, the Simple Knitted Bodice, was to be knit in Tilli Tomas as I mentioned in my last post. I will go early next year and take care of that one. The other, the Cable Down Raglan from the Sprink IK, is still up in the air. The pattern is shown knit up in Louet Gems Worsted weight merino. I'm debating whether to use merino or cotton for that one. I've learned not to buy yarn for a pattern unless I absolutely love it and nothing really tickled my fancy for that one. Funny--I came across some perfect yarn on Ebay last night--Berroco Pure Merino in Resin which is a goldish kind of color. I love the color and it would go beautifully with all the browns, rusts, and olive greens that I wear! That's it! I will order that!

Of course, I did get sock yarn--Koigu, which I've never seen at the LYS. Gorgeous colors!

I bought yarn for another small project also. I have a pattern for a beaded scarf which I love. I already have some teal cashmere with black beads, but I saw the same scarf knitted up in variegated sock weight merino so I got some with the beads!

I've decided to try drop spindle spinning. I am trying to plan a colonial living history day for our 5th grade next year at school and I thought it would be fun to teach them drop spindle spinning. I picked up a pound of roving and some simple spindles.

Then I got a fancy spindle for myself!

This one came with a kit which included the book and some black fleece. The spindle is made of cherry and brass and it is lovely. This crafter made all kinds of designs and had little stands to display them in.

I bought a book at Borders earlier in the week.

Check out some of the designs!

Ooh la la! Sexy stuff! Gotta love it!

Progress on Sahara is steady. I have finished the first sleeve and I got one repeat of the lace pattern done on the neckline (which doesn't show in the photo). Once I'm done with the neckline, I'll do the other sleeve. The neckline lace isn't knit in the round and every pattern repeat (every 3 stitches) involves a P3tog tbl which is a nightmare! When done in the round as on the sleeves and hem, it's a K3tog tbl which is so much easier. The purl thing is nasty and I'm not liking it. It takes forever. I will make myself finish that part by tomorrow night.

Other news--I joined Curves today! It really seems like a good environment for what I need to do and I have set a goal to go 3 times a week!

I took Mikey to the vet this afternoon for his first glucose test in a month. It was in the high normal range so that's good news. He's gaining weight which shows that the diabetes is getting under control, but he's overweight so he really needs to lose weight! Gee--someone should develop a Curves for Kitties!

I hate to admit that I have no kitty photos today! Who would believe with 4 cats that I couldn't catch one of them being cute!

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  1. I love the spindle that you bought! I think I saw that stand, but I'm not quite ready to jump into that part of the craft yet ;) The yarn and beads you bought for the beaded scarf are beautiful. I can't wait to see how it turns out ...