Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been tagged!

PHD Knitter tagged me! I'm not sure whether to thank her or to go TP her house!

Here are the instructions: List 7 random things about yourself on your blog along with the rules then tag seven other residents of the blogosphere to do the same!

Here goes:
1. I run a high school sports league. That's not typical of a musician as we music teachers often find ourselves at odds with the athletic dept. I run a community high school ice-hockey league with 12 teams. Both my son and daughter played ice hockey and if I weren't so friggin old, I would probably do so as well!

2. I like punk music! Again--people have this image of music teachers as only listening to the classics, but my musical taste is rather eclectic. Kid #2 plays in a ska band and he got me listening to punk during all those college visit road trips. The Violent Femmes are my favorite punk band.

3. I hate beer. Hate it, hate it! Even though my son is currently brewing some in our basement I still hate it!

4. I once considered getting a tattoo. That's about as far as it went, however. One hits a certain age and realizes that tattoos don't go with wrinkles.

5. I am a member of DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). Now I know many of you have this image of DAR members as stuffy old ladies with big hats, but it isn't your grandmother's DAR anymore! (See factoids #2 and 4)

6. I met my spouse on a blind date. This is what we did before the internet was invented!

7. I once spent the night in a funeral home. Don't ask. It's a real long story!

So I've tagged: Eusebius, Adjunct Slave, Elledub,
Knittinreed, and Gay. Please don't hate me! I like your blogs and have come across them through knit alongs and/or webrings!


  1. thanks for thinking of me and tagging me...i already did the 7 random things and i don't know if i can thnk of 7 more people to tag but i'll add you to my list for the next time! payback! i really do love you sahara. i just read about how to add the beads and i'm going to try a couple different ways befor ei commit, i don't know i the yarn i chose will fit through the bead i bought so i may use another carry along thread. i bought some wooly nylon serger thread in a similar color that should work...i'll let you know. and may i say you do have a lot of goals in the knitting department.

  2. Haha .... thanks for playing! I didn't really want to do it either, but it was fun trying to think of 7 even more random things to write about than usual :) So you like punk music huh?

  3. Thanks for thinkinig of me (and visiting my blog.) Come back and see what's what.

  4. Oops, I sent that comment before I told you how much I love your Sahara! The pattern is yummy and the beading is exquisite. Nice blog, btw.

  5. Thanks for the tag, I think. Your blog is great, and so is your Sahara. I think it's tastiest one I've seen.