Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend update!

This is a quickie! I spent yesterday sewing into the wee hours of this morning! I guess you could say that I was on a roll. The fashion show piece was pretty clear cut in terms of what I had to do. The trickiest part was designing the collar which had to have a certain type of construction to make it stand up. Fortunately my many years of design experience kicked in and I was able to get the collar piece done from design to completion in about an hour and a half! One thing that made this task easier for me was this:

DH gave me the little 8 inch flat screen TV/DVD player for Christmas in 2006! For some reason I had never taken it out of the box. I can't use it for TV yet because I have to run the cable line into the sewing room. I decided to use it for the DVD feature so I pulled out my Sex and the City DVD's. I've made it through all of season 1 and half of season 2. I will pick up at that point and probably make it through half of season 3 working on Ems' dress today. I'm one of those people who needs background noise or music in order to concentrate. I love how all the experts tell parents to provide a quiet place for their kids to study. That would have been death for me. My kids were the same way. I need the TV on when I read in bed as it makes me focus on my book.. Go figure.

Anyway, let me present the Medieval Bride to you:

We had to keep it on the cheap so it is constructed out of JoAnn Fabrics Casa Collection. I'm not big on polyester, but the $60 a yard stuff I use for my gowns wasn't happening here, that's for sure. The lavender fabric has little sparkles on it which don't show up in the photos. It took 6 yards of each color and about 7 yards of boning. There is the white skirt, lavender overskirt, corset and removable collar. It is worn over a hoop slip that was part of a Civil War era reenactment outfit. I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I'll try to take photos at the fashion show!

On to the next sewing task!

Bushism of the day:
"I can only speak to myself." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., April 28, 2005

Kitty cam: As you can see, all the members of our family prefer the Washington Post!


  1. for a moment there i thought you had lost your mind... or were setting a new trend! now that i know what it is for and have recovered from my shock the gown is really beautiful and so well made. i read the rest of your posts to catch up and you are one talent crazy cat lady!

  2. Shades of Queen Elizabeth I's era with that stand-up collar and the overskirt. The gown is beautiful.

  3. What a gorgeous dress! You're so talented!

  4. You definitely might have orders for that dress. It would be beautiful all in white. I always have to check to see what you are sewing because you are so talented. I wish we lived closer so I could take advantage of your knowledge on fitting etc. Arkansas is too far away.
    Lois Allen