Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have never seen . . .

so much fabric! I started the "outfit" for Ems' fashion show at Graham Web. They are doing fantasy brides. This one is a medieval type of design with a huge white skirt which will have lavender overdrapes. Then there will be a boned corset with a halter strap which has a huge stand up collar. The skirt took 6 yards of 60 inch wide fabric. I thought it would take forever to cut out the rather large pieces until I remembered that I had these:

I bought these in 2002 before I had surgery on my right hand as it was just too painful to cut things out with regular shears. They are fabulous for cutting large pieces in particular but they are a little tricky for things with intricate shapes. I stacked the fabric 4 layers thick and let 'er rip! One problem is that the battery isn't holding the charge too well so I had to use the cord which was a little bit of a pain. I checked into a replacement battery but they cost $30.n Upon further investigation, I found that Black & Decker now makes rechargeable shears and they cost $19! They make a model with a fabric blade so I'm going to Target to check them out. They are such a time saver! Here is the basic skirt with a hoop slip underneath modeled by Sophia's sister, Racquel:

Today I am making the overskirt and corset. Tomorrow it is the collar and cutting out Ems' dress. Here is her photo of the other outfit in progress:

This is being modeled by Nicole who will be in the fashion show. She will be the punk rock bride. There is still more work to be done on this. Ems has to do all the hair and make up. She will be cutting Nicole's hair and doing some streaks. The other model will have some sort of updo.

I swatched for Sea Urchin:

I like that the pattern gives instructions for swatching in the stitch pattern used for the top. If the swatch measures 10 X 4 inches when finished then you have gauge. That makes so much more sense to me than gauging to stockinette when the design uses another stitch pattern. I had forgotten, however, that I really dislike knitting with fingering weight yarn! This stitch pattern goes so quickly though that I think I can finish the top in short order. Plus the yarn is lovely. It is Lyndon Hill by Bristol Yarn Gallery and it is 85% pima cotton/15% silk. The swatch is incredibly soft!

My Stitch n Bitch group is having a Finish it or Frog it night on Friday. This is a night devoted to working on those hibernating projects that take forever to finish. My problem is that my hibernating projects have intricate stitch patterns that I can't concentrate on when I'm in a social situation! So I may just go and work on current stuff! We'll see. It will depend on how far along I am with the fashion show stuff!

On the political front--I see that the US Supreme Court just struck down DC's handgun ban. What could they possibly be thinking?

That's it for now! Sorry there isn't anything more exciting going on!

Bushism of the day:
"I want to appreciate those of you who wear our nation's uniform for your sacrifice." --George W. Bush, Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 14, 2005

Kitty cam: This is how Greg (the big 20 pound moose) spent his day while I was working:

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  1. that sea urchin swatch is gorgeous, i can almost feel the yarn and it is a lovely color too. i love the cotton and silk blend yarns. so soft.