Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Secret Pal 12 Question #3

What do you consider to be the perfect amount of stash?

I would say the perfect amount of stash depends largely on the space one has to store it in! I have a designated sewing/fiber room with a lot of containers of yarn. It falls within "perfect" range because it hasn't migrated to other rooms in the house. To be more specific, I think a perfect stash should contain yarn in different weights and fiber so that you can pick up a new pattern and find something in your stash to make it with. I don't buy stash yarns per se. I buy yarn to go with a specific pattern. Granted I have more yarn/pattern combinations then I will ever knit in my lifetime! I did venture to buy 10 skeins of a discontinued yarn for no specific pattern once. I found the perfect pattern for it so it is now matched up to a pattern. The only yarn I will occasionally buy with no pattern in mind is sock or baby yarn.

By the way--SP hostesses--that link got me into trouble! I ended up buying a pattern from that person! That is my weakness!

Cats! What would you expect?

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