Friday, April 20, 2007

Stash Enhancement

The postman helped me out with my stash enhancement efforts today! Keep in mind, however, that there is more than one type of stash! For me, there are basically three types: Fabric, yarn and shoes! My fabric stash is definitely the largest. In fact, I would say that I could probably clothe all the inhabitants of a small nation with my stash! I am starting to get rid of the fabric that I don't think I'll ever use. The problem is that I only buy quality stuff so I hesitate to just donate it to the thrift store. I have some lovely quilting cottons which I may end up donating to Project Linus so that it will be put to charitable use.

My yarn stash is still manageable. I don't buy random skeins of yarn. I usually buy yarn for a specific pattern. I do have one container with felting yarns and one with cotton yarns for dish cloths but everything else has a purpose! I've been planning to make Annie Modesitt's Corset Tank Top so I purchased the yarn for that.

This is the exact yarn used in the pattern photo. I found this yarn, which is Artyarns Regal Silk, on sale at Sarah's Yarns for $11.75 per skein! It retails for $21 so this was a bargain! I had hoped to get some to make the Simple Knitted Bodice by Stitch Diva, but Sarah was out of all the colors I wanted! I ended up only getting the two skeins of the dark green from her. I quickly put in an ordeer to Fabulous Yarns. For those who haven't purchased yarn there, I highly recommend them. Judy, the owner is very friendly and accommodating. They discount their yarn--10% off for purchases under $50 and 20% off for purchases over $50! Their prices are already cheaper without the discount. This yarn is $18.50 there so with a 20% discount, it ends up being $15! Still a lot cheaper than the 21 bucks!

Speaking of Annie Modesitt--Is anyone else as excited as I am about her new book, Romantic Hand Knits as I am? I love the curvy model on the cover! It's nice to see knit garments on curvy women who aren't afraid to show off their curves! Check out this page of her blog to see some of the designs which will be in the book. Scroll down and check out the olive green lacy top! I am so making that!

I still want to get something for the Simple Knitted Bodice. The pattern features Tilli Tomas which is pricey. I don't mind paying for it, if it ends up being what turns me on. The problem is that I've never seen this yarn in person! Fortunately, I see that Tilli Tomas will have a stand at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, so I may end up spending my "allowance" all in one place!

My third stash was also enhanced today!

I saw these shoes in a magazine last summer and fell in love with them. I checked them out at the Cole Haan store in Boston only to find that they were $190 which was more than I wanted to pay. Last week a pair in the bronze appeared on Ebay for a fraction of the original price which I seriously considered buying, but I decided to check out the Cole Haan website which, much to my delight, had them on sale for even less and in the color I liked! They are an interesting silver striped leather and the soles are made by Nike Air. They feel like you are walking on a cloud! They will be perfect for work since they have enough height to wear with my long jeans and they are so incredibly comfortable!

Here's a closeup of the leather!

My day started off with a surprise when I went into my classroom and found a surprise on my desk! My friend Pheelya left me a little box with some beaded stitch markers that she made!

Look! They're kitties! Pheelya knows me all too well!

Speaking of kitties--Mikey seems back to normal. For those who don't know, he is diabetic. He's been on twice a day insulin injections for about 3 months now. His last two blood tests showed normal glucose levels so he doesn't have to go to the vet for a few weeks. He was somewhat lethargic for weeks but I've noticed that he is getting playful and lively, rolling around with his "scratch my belly" cry.
He was actually chasing Greg yesterday which is great because they both are little fatties and need the exercise!

Another kitty quandry here is Bar who sleeps like a cow. I've mentioned this in previous posts. With all the cats I've known in my lifetime, I have never seen a cat sleep this way! Usually when they sleep on their tummies, they keep their head up. Bar stretches his out and sticks his elbows out like a cow!

Bar, doin' the cow!

And now, for the aerial view!

Rumor has it that spring has finally sprung! It will be the kind of weekend which invites one to work in the flower bed! Wikth mother nature having PMS this year, I'm a bit leary of putting tender annuals in the garden before mid May. My urns would look lovely with pansies overflowing, so that's what I will do! Oh and I must sit out on the deck with my latte while working on my Sahara!


  1. Love all your stash enhancement... The yarn, the shoes, the stitch markers! And the cats are so cute!
    Your Secret Pal

  2. That yarn is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the FO with that yarn. The cat/cow pictures are hysterical! I have never seen a cat do that before!