Thursday, April 5, 2007

Midweek Musings

WoW! Another FO! This one was started and finished in 2 days! This is Asminah's Hat from Kody May Knits>

I made a few modifications to the pattern. Instead of adding the crocheted brim, I knit 5 rows of K1, P1 twisted rib. Kody May did 2 1/2 repeats of the pattern and I did 3. I thought the hat should be longer since it is a chemo cap and needs to cover more. It is knit in Berroco Touche which is a 50/50 blend of Cotton / Modal Rayon. This is one of my new favorite yarns! It is extremely soft, has a nice drape and knits like a dream. It is worsted weight and can be used in any pattern calling for worsted weight yarn. I think I may get some for a summer tank. I just love the stuff!

I started swatching my Great Big Sea yarn for the Sahara pattern. It isn't gauging exactly--sort of in between what it should be when done on size 5's and size 6's. I guess I'll go with the 6's since the bust measurement of the pattern is an inch smaller than mine. I think I will have a love/hate relationship with this yarn. It is stunningly beautiful! The silk in it causes it to stick to itself. I found this out when winding a center pull ball. When pulling from the center, it rubs against itself and tangles. I pulled out big wads of yarn. Once I got it untangled, I wound it up and stuffed it back into the center of the ball then decided to use the outside end to unwind the yarn that way. That seemed to alleviate the tangling issue. This stuff is so slick it almost slides off the addi turbos! I'm debating whether or not to use my Bryspun circs instead. I'm assuming that it would swatch the same given that the needles are the same size.

So I'm trying to talk DH into getting a bigger bed. We still have a double. With both of us having a small amount of middle age spread, it's getting a bid crowded. But that's not the main reason we need a bigger bed:

That's the reason! Greg sleeps the entire night on our bed. He does not take cat naps either. He sleeps like a rock! He just sort of bounces around in the middle of the bed whenever one of us moves or pulls the covers. When DH gets up in the morning, Greg gets up next to my shoulders or literally climbs on me and sleeps on my belly! He's not exactly a petite feline either--he weighs 19 pounds! Sometimes Mikey gets at the foot of the bed at night which means that I can't move at all! So a larger bed is in order! A king size bed would certainly allow all the kitties to cuddle with us, but I think that would be just too big!

I have to forgo the pleasures of knitting today to work on taxes. Yuck! I can make up for it tomorrow at my hair appointment. I usually get a fair amount done while waiting for the ol' color to develop!

Other news--We are having winter weather! Here it is 4 days before Easter and they are calling for snow flurries! Even weirder is the fact that it was 80 degrees 2 days ago! Nothing like weather by Sybil!


  1. I can comment on your blog now! Yay!
    What a nice hat, good job! And I agree, a bigger bed would definitely let you sleep better : )

  2. I love that hat --- and if it only took you 2 days I might definitely do that instead of the Shedir cap. Try sleeping with a 30 pound dog under the covers - you definitely need a bigger bed!

    Thanks again for the beautiful markers! I am so touched that you thought of me and made those :)