Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again!

Today was day 3 back at school! Surprisingly I've been able to get up fairly well which is surprising for me. I even went in a half hour early today for a meeting. I still prefer sleeping in if given the choice. The kids have been pretty good too which won't last long. I suspect the resurgence of winter has a lot to do with that. Once we get a stretch of spring weather, things will change! Once the spring fever sets in, the behavior goes down the tubes fast!

I ended up having a lovely birthday. I cooked dinner since it was Easter and I had bought a ham. DH and Bird had an ice cream cake for me. We did do a special birthday dinner on Thursday night at Timbuktu's which, in case you are unaware, has the best Maryland Crab Cakes on the face of the earth! I don't care what others say--you cannot get Maryland style crabcakes anywhere but Maryland. Period! I've made that mistake. You know--you're on vacation and see it on a menu somewhere in another state and make the mistake of ordering them thinking you will have a little taste of home only to be disappointed. I have learned to accept the fact that truly excellent crab cakes can only be purchased in Maryland!

DH gave me a nice little surprise for my birthday!

I have always wanted diamond hoops! These are gorgeous! The photo just doesn't do them justice!

I have been working on Sahara and I'm loving this Great Big Sea yarn by Handmaiden.

The sheen that this yarn has just doesn't show in the photo. It is simply gorgeous and I think it will feel heavenly against the skin. Notice the stitch markers! I made special ones with kitty photos! You can see pictures of Harley and Mike!

I am playing with the beads to use on this sweater. These are size 5/0 triangle Mizuki glass beads in an assortment of oranges. Some have silver cores and they all look quite different. I will string a few to see which ones I like best.

Speaking of kitties--Greg has been really clingy since I returned from Chicago. I guess he's afraid that I'll leave him. He still insists on getting under the bedspread. He does it so well--without messing up the bed. You just walk in the room and see a lump in the bed!

Peek a boo!

The sudden return of winter has Bar (real name--Harley) sleeping by the radiator again!

I think I will have to take Deke (real name-- Peanut) to be put down. I didn't realize how bad he was until this evening when he was having trouble moving his legs. He got off the couch and his legs just went out to the sides and he couldn't stand. It is just so sad. He is very weak and has stopped eating. It's just so sad. I have to tell myself that it is the merciful thing to do. It's just not fair to let him suffer anymore. It's something I've never had to do before, but I think it is time. I'll post some favorite photos as a little memorial.


  1. My you've been busy! Happy Belated Birthday! Sahara looks beautiful and I'm glad that you were able to untangle the yarn and get knitting with it. I didn't end up going to Loopy Yarns. We were pretty far away from there and the weather was so horrendous it wasn't worth it to go anywhere I didn't have to :( I'm also sorry to hear about your kitty. I can't imagine what that must feel like, but I certainly understand the emotion of loving them so much. He'll be in a better place and not suffering anymore.

  2. Wow! The sweater looks great! I can't wait to actually see it. I still haven't gotten anything for the S&W festival class :(