Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gettin' There!

I can't believe that I have finally gotten to the lace trim on the hem of my Sahara! Granted I still have to do the neckline lace and the sleeves, but the body of the sweater is done and it fits like a charm! My quandry has been how to do the beads. The lace pattern is as follows:

Row 1: P2, yo, k1, yo
Row 2: P2, k3
Row 3: P2, k3
Row 4: P2 k3tog TBL

Two repeats of the lace pattern are done for a total of 8 rows. Someone told me that they added the beads to the middle K stitch every other group of 3 k stitches on row 3 only. That makes sense but it wasn't enough beads for me. I added them to the middle k stitch every other row on row 2 then to the alternate groups of 3 on row 3. This created a slight zig zag the way the beads lie. I'm not sure if I just should have done it to every group of 3 on one row only or not. I'll be able to tell when I finish the lace. I have finished 4 rows for one repeat of the lace as you can see in the photo:

The next question for me was how to actually knit the beads in. I've seen a lot of different techniques but I decided on knitting the first stitch, bringing the yarn in front with a bead, slipping the next stitch as if to knit, then bringing the yarn to the back and knitting the next stitch. This way the bead is centered right in front of the stitch where you want it and it won't slide to the back of the work. It is rather time consuming, but the result is nice. I wasn't sure how this yarn would work with the beads, but it is holding up well.

These beads are Miyuki size 5/0 triangle beads with a color core (in burnt orange) and clear glass outer layer. I used a dental floss threader to string them on the yarn. These are handy little items. I happened to have a pack of them because I use them to thread my serger loopers. I'm so glad I remembered that I had them! I only strung enough for one repeat of the lace so I will have to cut the yarn and string more. I counted the beads used in the first repeat so at least I know how many to string this time.

The pattern has you do the sleeves next, but I think I will do the neckline lace so that I can actually try the sweater on and see how it really fits. It's so open without the lace panel that it's difficult to gauge the fit.

I used my new KnitPicks needles for the lace. I like the points on these needles and find them excellent for lace knitting. The cables are odd to me. I'm so used to my Addis which have some spring whereas these cables are rather limp. Also, the Addis at this length (24") have a curve where the cable connects to the needles which I like. There is no way I could've done a k3togTBL with the Addis though--at least not without a great deal of frustration.

Maryland Sheep and Wool festival is next weekend. I have to plan accordingly. It's so easy to go overboard and get stuff for the stash which isn't how I like to buy yarn. I prefer to purchase yarn with a specific pattern in mind otherwise I end up with odd amounts that I can't use for what I like. I have two patterns in mind: Stephanie Japel's Cable Down Raglan from the Spring IK and the Stitch Diva Simple Knitted Bodice. The Cable Down Raglan needs a plain merino or blend worsted weight. The Simple Knitted Bodice needs a drapey yarn. The sample is done in Tilli Tomas Plain and Simple with her beaded yarn for the lace panels. Tilli Tomas will have a stand at the festival so I can actually look at this yarn which I've never seen in person. I won't buy it unless it is discounted because I don't see myself knitting this pattern any time soon. They carry this yarn on Kpixie and send out coupons periodically so I will wait for that otherwise. I've learned to walk through all the vendors before buying yarn because as soon as I see something I like, I can almost count on finding something I like even better later. So I scout it all out first and only purchase something if it is a one of a kind type of item. What I'm really in the market for is some undyed yarn to play with. I have two skeins of Bare merino from my Secret Pal and I would like to get some other fibers. Earth Guild sets up there and they have everything imaginable for dying so I can get the dyes and chemicals from them. Friday I will be taking an all day cabling class. Apparently they will cover every type of cable imaginable! I have to watch the funds as Bird's 21st birthday is the following week!

Of course I have to show kitties. Greg was sloppy this week. Usually he manages to crawl under the bedspread without mussing the bed, but I went upstairs the other day and found this:

I'll have to have a serious talk with him about that. Meanwhile, that night Harley was the one who was hiding.

I drape my bathtowel over the edge of the whirlpool to dry and Harley gets in the tub and tries to hide under the towel! Often he will pull it down into the tub and walk in a circle until the towel forms a bird's nest type of structure in which he sleeps the entire night! Go figure!

For once, Mikey's acting like the normal one!

I have to get back to finishing my lace so I can take it off the needles tonight!

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