Sunday, April 29, 2007

Body complete!

Finally! I finished the body of my Sahara and it looks fabulous!

It takes forever to add the beads but I think I like it better with the beads worked into the pattern than just randomly placed as they would be with prebeaded yarn. I also really like the diamond lace rib. It looks almost like regular ribbing on the inside of the sweater.

The next decision is whether to do the sleeves (which the pattern says to do) or the neckline next. Maybe I'll comprimise and do one sleeve then the neckline then the other sleeve! Who knows?! Who cares?!
I love everything about this pattern! I think top down sweaters are the way to go since they can be tried on and adjustments made as they are being knit. This was how I determined to make more increases for the hips and it fits like a dream!

That's it! No kitty photos this post! I'll make up for it next time. I promise!


  1. That's a great color!

    I strung beads for a project a few months ago... I'm with you; it took forever, but I loved the results. :)

  2. Sahara looks BEAUTIFUL! The beading looks great and that color will be gorgeous on you. I can't wait to see it on Wednesday. Thanks for the advice about MS&W. I'm looking forward to just wandering around and taking it all in...

  3. That's beautiful! Good job! Your SP