Saturday, April 21, 2007

Making progress!

I've been working on my Sahara sweater for the knit along. I haven't done too much this week, but I have gotten to the waist and I'm starting the hip increases. Being someone with a fair amount of "junk in the trunk," I'm adding a few more increases since the pattern has the hip and bust measurements being the same. Believe me, my hips and bust are far from being the same measurement--and they probably haven't even been close since I was about 5 years old! Here is my progress so far:

I finished the mid month dishcloth KAL. I like the mid month ones because they are pattern stitches instead of picture cloths. I learned something though. I've learned that you can't talk to someone while knitting lace patterns. I made a boo boo on this one which you can see if you look closely. I realized it at the time, but decided against frogging the row. I find frogging stitches which have yarn overs and decreases to be a mess so I figured I'd live with it. It is a dishcloth after all. It will end up with spaghetti sauce all over it.

I like doing the dishcloths because they are small and allow me to try new stitches. The knit alongs provide some diversion from my larger projects since they only involve knitting about 9 rows a night! I had a kitty helper when blocking this one. I typically block my items by pinning them down on a blocking board then steaming them with my Rowenta Euro steamer. I had done this last night and left the cloth to dry all night. When I opened the sewing room door this morning, a little black and white fuzzy thing ran out and I found all the pins --there were about 30 of them--were removed and lying flat on the blocking board! I think a certain feline made a bed out of my dishcloth! Samantha has a habit of running in the sewing room when I'm not looking and then she hides. Sometimes I go in there and she's spread out comfortably on my sewing chair or the blocking board!

Speaking of kitty helpers--they've discovered the construction in the dining room!

Notice how the party kept growing! It started with 2 then increased to 4! I can tell you one thing--black cats and drywall dust don't mix! I think they have devised a little plan in their little feline brains. They all love to be brushed and whenever they get dusty, they get groomed. I think they've figured that out. Harley especially can't wait. Whenever I'm brushing one of the others, he pushes his way in to get his. He can be in a different part of the house and he just appears out of nowhere!

Harley--doin' the cow! (again!)


  1. I was actually thinking about that pattern as a possible starting point! Sahara is looking GREAT! I wish I had a model and a blocking board :) I love the color of that yarn and the way that the light plays off of it. Nice work ...

  2. The Sahara is looking great! I like the dishcloth pattern too, maybe I can start it at the staff meeting tomorrow - think Sally would mind?

  3. Can 2 addicts really sponsor each other for Yarnaholics Anonymous?? I mean isn't that like an alcoholic sponsoring another alcoholic, wouldn't they encourage each other to fall the wagon together ;)

    Speaking of Sheep and Woll, when are we going to go?