Monday, May 19, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge: "Fresh" Week 3

Fresh rain!

I'm not typically a big fan of rain unless, of course, I'm sitting inside with no place to go. This rainy season has had its advantages. First of all, we have had a water deficit due to the drought we had last summer. Now we have a surplus! Secondly, the pollen has been simply awful! Nothing washes away the pollen like a good soaking rain! WoW! I can breathe again! Thirdly, things are growing. I'm delighted to see that the herbs on my back deck are about ready to be used in some culinary delights!

Yea rain!


  1. We should all get out there and celebrate when it rains! Now that I live on an island that's bone dry six months and wet the other six, I appreciate the changes in weather.

  2. That second image is great! It has a tighter composition and really brings out the growth of green!! great rain gear too!!!

  3. Your little boy loves you, Momma!
    Love, your little boy