Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One step forward, two steps back!

Last week I needed to frog part of my Fifi sweater. This was an emotional experience for me as I've never had to frog rows before! The pattern designer suggested that I frog back to the point where the sleeves are separated and the body joined for the size extra small--row 43. I had done size small and had joined the body at row 51 plus I had knit another 15 rows. I wasn't happy with the neck--it was just a little to close. Because this yarn is so stretchy, making the smaller size would pull the sweater down. So here's Fifi before the frogging:

I needed to frog to this point--notice where the needle is pointing:

I decided to run a lifeline using the cable of my KnitPicks Options needles along with a smaller size needle:

As it turns out, my lifeline wasn't totally straight so I pulled it out. The Calmer is such a lovely yarn that I was able to gently rip and the loops stayed intact so I could pick up the stitches with no problem! Samantha decided to lend moral support during the process:

Here's where I am at this point:

I thought I'd get a lot done on my Williamsburg trip since I let HD drive, but I ended up reading. Perhaps during my hair appointment I can get a little done. I want to finish this baby soon so I can get to my other summer projects. I have to do the Red Carpet Convertible for the SKC KAL, Coachina from Knitty, Sizzle and the Ribbed Silk Corset. That should more than keep me busy!

Kitty Cam:
Samantha has her own method of monitoring my computer use!

"No more blogging, Mommy! It's time to spoil the kitties!"

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