Friday, July 27, 2007

"The hurrier I go, the behinder I get!"

So goes the old Pennsylvania Dutch saying! Yesterday was that kind of day! I decided to head south to Rhode Island to visit Little Compton. Since Brockton, MA was on the way, I decided to visit Melrose Cemetery, where my grandfather is buried. I stopped in CVS, went to the cemetery for a short visit, then hit the road again. About 15 minutes and 20 miles later, I realized that I didn't have my cell phone. I had tried to call Bird earlier so I know it was with me when I left the hotel. I was frantic as Little Compton is quite remote and I really didn't want to drive out to the middle of nowhere without my cell phone for insurance. I have a habit of setting the phone in my lap sometimes when I drive, so I must have done that, forgotten it was there then dropped it when I got out of the car. I went back to the cemetery where I parked and my phone wasn't there, so I headed to CVS. No one had turned the phone in there either. Since I had been toying with the idea of purchasing a new phone, I figured that I better do it then as I was in desperate need of my phone for a variety of reasons. I went to the mall in Brockton and the Verizon stand had closed so I headed to the Best Buy at the mall. I found a phone I could deal with and the sales clerk couldn't enter my info into the computer because my account was from another area. So off I went to the next town to try to find the Verizon store that was there. I was able to get a phone that was basically the upgrade to my current one. I called home and Bird answered and said, "I see you found your phone!" When I asked him how he knew I had lost it, he told me that the lady who found it called "home" and told him that it would be in the CVS, which is apparently where I had dropped it. Apparently the woman who had my phone at CVS went to lunch and didn't tell the sales person. Damn! I went back and picked up the phone and plan on going to a Verizon store and having all the data transferred from the old one to the new one. If only I had thought to call home from a payphone first.

The bummer is that I wasted about 3 hours of time and didn't get to do all that I wanted in RI. If only I had called home from a payphone first, then I would have saved a lot of time! I did manage to drive down to Little Compton. The drive completely relaxed me because I passed rivers and coves that were filled with sailboats! I love seeing the water. I also found the little historic family graveyard I was looking for. The Richmond family burial ground is on the grounds of a farm. It is a small burying ground and one of my immigrant ancestors, Edward Richmond, who died in 1691 is buried there. Someone from the Little Compton Historical Society had given me directions or I never would have found it!

The entire graveyard is only about 25 by 25 feet!

Here is Edward Richmond's stone:

To add to my delight--when driving back, I passed a hydrangea farm! I absolutely love hydrangeas! This place had rows and rows of them!

I drove through Fall River on my way back to Providence then picked up DH at the airport in Providence. We headed back to Boston, parked in the Back Bay then headed to Starbucks. We took our coffee to the park then went on a stroll through the Commonds and some surrounding areas.

Today I had my appointment at True Jeans. This is a mail order company that specialized in fitting jeans. They carry all types of premium denim and they like to have fit testers so that they can find the jeans that best fit certain figure types. They have you fill out a questionaire about your figure type and preferences and they take your measurements. The fitter then pulled several types of jeans and kept data about how they fit. It was the first time in my life that I have ever found perfect fitting jeans. The girl knew her stuff! She said that most of the people they get are those with curvier figures who traditionally have trouble getting jeans to fit well. Since I got 15% off, I bought 2 pairs: The Kasil brand trouser jeans, which are fabulous dressy jeans; and the Worn brand flares which are a little more casual. I also liked the Pine IV jeans which had some interesting details, but I decided to hold off on those. I have to hem both pairs and Julie gave me a sheet with instructions for keeping the original hem.

DH and I then spent the day exploring some of the quaint fishing towns on the North Shore--Gloucester, Rockport and Old Marlblehead. We spent a lot of time walking around Rockport and had lunch there.

Tonight we got carry out Chinese from the Szechuan place behind the hotel. I turns out that the restaurant is in a historic mansion that was originally built in the 1600's!

I'll post some photos tomorrow!

I can't leave without sharing my Bushism of the Day:
"I was raised in the West. The West of Texas. It's pretty close to California. In more ways than Washington, D.C., is close to California." -George W. Bush, in Los Angeles as quoted by the Los Angeles Times, April 8, 2000

Kitty Cam:
From the archives--Kitty Love!

The twins spend some quality time together!


  1. Love the "kitty love" pics! I have some like that of my "girls". Love the Bushisms this week!

  2. Hey girl,
    Sounds like you had a blast on your vacation :) Can't wait to hear all about it on Wednesday. You will be there Wednesday right??

  3. Hey it's Julie,

    It was nice to meet you and thank you again for stopping in for a truejeans fit testing in the middle of your vacation. Your pictures from the mini tour are great, and those hydrangeas are beautiful! I am really glad you found some great fitting jeans, and good luck with your original hems and future projects.

    Take care!