Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Totally done!

Well I wet blocked Sahara. I was pleasantly surprised by the end result. Initially, the sleeves were a little tight and a little too short. I placed the sweater in a basin of water and let it completely absorb the water for about a half hour. I then spun the water out in the washer and stretched it out on my blocking board, stretching the sleeves to the measurements I wanted. The yarn feels lighter and smoother--less dense. It is extremely silky and the sweater fits perfectly! I can't begin to describe how luscious it feels on the skin. I will definitely use this yarn again if I can find it!

I think this sweater really requires more boobage! Maybe in my next life I can do it justice!

I just found out about a new yarn source! The Yarn and Fiber Company is an online store which has competitive prices and offers free shipping! Gotta love that! They also take Paypal! Gotta love that too! I was just looking at some Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace yarn which is $52 in my LYS. It is 46.80 at the Yarn and Fiber Company and they have the color I want! I'll have to give them a try!

School is coming to an end! Eight days left! Things are getting a little crazy, but I look forward to those not so lazy days of summer!

Kitty Cam:
Bar is enjoying the sunny day from the inside looking out!


  1. OOh! So beautiful! It fits you great!

  2. Sexy Momma!! Should have left a few more stitches open *grin*

    Can't wait till Friday night!!

  3. it looks great no extra boobage required!

  4. Dude, Y&F rocks my socks. Speedy shipping.

    Still loving the Sahara!

  5. It is totally beautiful! Congrats on such a wonderful FO!

    I am in Columbia too, btw!