Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lazy Weekend!

I decided that I needed to get my planters on the deck in order this weekend so I headed out to Lowes and Behnke's for some flowers. While I was walking around Lowes, my phone rang and it was Pheelya! She ended up meeting me and going to Behnke's with me. I got a lot of herbs and flowers and she got 4 hanging fuschia plants. My car was packed! We ended up at Starbucks then I went home to get to work! It was good to get my herbs as I was hating having to buy them everytime I needed to cook!

Fortunately I got them in just in the nick of time since it has rained all day today. I have more planters of herbs that can't be seen in the photo.

Notice the empty hanging baskets. Soon they will be overflowing with these:

Before going out yesterday, I picked up the mail and found my new Jordana Paige Knitting bag that I had gotten off of Ebay!

This bag is fabulous! It has all kinds of little compartments and it holds a lot!

Of course Mikey prefered the box!

Kitty Cam: What is it about kitties and hiding?
Who's that hiding behind the pillow sham?

It's Harley!

Greg's usual hiding spot:

Harley's night hiding place:

I always seem to find my bath towel on the floor in the morning! Now I know who's responsible!

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