Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pheelya's Birthday Contest!

So my buddy Pheelya is having a contest for her birthday on her blog. To enter--click on the hot link and leave her a comment. You MUST say that you read about the contest on MY blog! The prize involves some stash and knowing Pheelya--it's premium stuff!

You must leave a comment on Pheelya's blog at the above link, telling her your favorite project or --get this--alcoholic beverage--preferably something new and exciting. In your comment, you must tell Pheelya from whose blog you learned about the contest. You must then put the info on YOUR blog with a link to the contest!

Be creative with your suggestions in your comments. We are taking Pheelya out to happy hour for her birthday on Friday where she will test drive the suggestions--though not behind a steering wheel!

Maybe I'll bring a video camera along! Yeah! That's it! A video camera! Oh--And we won't allow her near her computer after happy hour!

Kitty Cam:
This one is from Ems. Mokey still loves his hoodie and wears it to lounge in!


  1. No video camera! I like having the ability to claim "I do not recall therefore it did not happen!"


  2. You've been busy! Sorry I missed the Pheelya drink contest, but it sounds like you guys managed on your own. Thanks for the pattern links. I also found Sizzle which I love! I also like her cowl neck sweater. I liked the KIP event. It was nice being able to spend a little longer with everyone and Lynn was a great hostess. I just need to do some more research on my least favorite president before Wed ...