Thursday, March 8, 2007

You can get IT on Ebay!

You've all seen the ads on TV and it's definitely true! Whatever you want, you will find it on Ebay! Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Ebay! I've bought just about everything on Ebay. It's sort of like a virtual treasure hunt! Half the fun is in the search! The best part is when your new aquisitions arrive in the mail! I received 3 parcels today so it was sort of like a mini Christmas with the exception that I had to actually pay for the goodies myself. The first two parcels were knitting related. The first one was 4 skeins of Karabella Breeze in the color Pumpkin which I found at Julie Poolie's Ebay store. I've bought from Julie before and she never disappoints! I've been looking for a specific color--sort of a mustard, burnt orange, spice type color--to use for the Ms. Marigold pattern by Zephyr. The pattern calls for Knit Picks Elegance which is a nice alpaca silk blend. I happen to have 4 skeins of that in burnt orange but the pattern calls for 5 skeins and it's been discontinued so I went on a search for a suitable yarn in the desired color.

Breeze is a 60% silk, 40% cashmere blend so I thought it would be a nice yarn for year round wear. I will have to swatch it. While it is a DK weight, there are 202 yards per 50 grams unlike the Elegance which has 110 yards per 50 grams. I'm guessing that the cashmere is lighter weight. I'll have to really check the gauge before starting the sweater.

Package #2 contained needles. One of my upcoming projects requires 24 inch size 6 circulars. I tyically use Addi's but the LYS was out of that size. I decided to give Bryspun circulars a try. I happen to love the Bryspun dp's that I have. They are warm to the touch and they have special points which are great for lace patterns. It seems that people either love them or hate them. I've been using my dp's for a lot of projects and I really love them so I figure that the circulars ought to be worth a try. I also picked up a set of size 10.5 dp's as well. I needed that size and bought them in Bamboo which I hate so I'll returen the bamboo ones.

My last package was the biggest treat! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Nanette Lepore clothing! It's just too pricey to buy at Nordstroms so I wait until what I want appears on Ebay in my size! Finally, the lime green linen cutwork bustier in a size 6 made an appearance and there was no way it was going to escape! I've been waiting for this one! It's appeared in navy and cream, but not the lime green!

The straps are removeable and this top has the boning and support to keep it up! I had purchased the matching skirt last summer at the Nanette Lepore boutique in Boston, so this will complete the ensemble!

Of course I don't need clothes but since my niece is getting married in July, I figured that to be a good excuse to get a suitable summer frock! Now I just need some bitchin' heels to go with it! I guess the next Ebay search is in the works!


  1. Nice Ebay scores! I really need to learn how to do that. I'm too scared. And don't worry too much about your shetland wool identity - any quiz that asks for your apple dessert preference can't be that accurate at gauging your personality!

  2. *laugh* how funny is that! We both received out ebay goodies on the same day! The Karabella is a nice color!

  3. Glad my question has you thinking too! I love that class ... I posted this response on my site, but I thought I'd put it here in case you didn't go back to the original post: I agree with you, but aren't pictures really symbols? They're our mental representation of some object (or person) in the real world. So, then you're back to Helen Keller (which I think was a great example). She couldn't have had any visual or auditory symbols. She did have tactile memories, but her system of memory for things would've been completely different. And so would her way of describing those objects she'd encountered when she gained language. But before that "water" moment, what was going on in her head. I like the idea of innate emotions ....