Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ta da !

Finally! I've just finished the first Pop Up Paws glove. It turned out well except for a couple of flaws that aren't noticeable to the untrained eye. This glove is knit in the round on dp's but there are a few short rows which make the glove really fit the hand. With the short rows I have to turn the work and purl. The tension on the purl stitches looks much looser than the knit stitches which is not typical of my work. The other flaw is where I had to wrap the stitches to turn the work for the short rows. The pattern says to work the wrap with the stitch on the next row and that left a little hole on the back of the hand. It doesn't really show however. On the palm side one of the wraps is sort of loose. Oh well! The second one will be better. As far as patterns go, this one is extremely well written. It was my first attempt at gloves and I was pleased with the overall result.
My issue with this project is that it doesn't motivate me. It's simply a utilitarian item which is uninteresting --read "boring"-- to me. I like to do things that either have interesting patterns or are something that I want to wear. I'm now debating whether or not to take a break from the Pop Up Paws. I have a felt hat that I'm dying to make. That would take 2 or 3 nights then I could do the second Pop Up Paw. My fear, of course, is that I will never do the second one. DH wants to wear them on the 17th so I have a deadline which is good. I think that I will be a big girl, suck it up and just do the second one. At least the yarn, Plymouth Suri Merino, is very pleasant to work with. The hat will be my reward! A fun thing for ME!

Now--about the cats--I find it interesting how the siblings seem to know that they are siblings. Sam and Harley cuddle together yet they won't cuddle with any of the other cats. The same goes for Mike and Greg. They just seem to know who the blood relative is! Go figure!

Here we find Mike and Greg cuddling for their nap. But, wait! Where's Greg?

There he is!

I've never seen a cat who gets under the bedspread like that! I can always tell when he's been there. Often when I get home from work, I find the pillow shams in a dishelveled state. Apparently he crawls between them under the spread! I guess he figures if he can't see anyone then they can't see him so he will be left alone!

I guess I'll go cast on. Maybe I can finish this darn thing by Sunday!

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  1. Greg and Frisco must be twins! He hasn't done it lately, but when I was living in my sister's basement and my mattress was on the floor, Frisco would constantly be crawling under my quilt! I wonder if maybe it a quilt thing because since I put a regular comforter on my bed he doesn't do it anymore.