Friday, March 16, 2007

Practical Joke!

The title of this blog is directed toward Mother Nature. How could she? Here we had a series of lovely 70 degree spring days and then, boom! It all came to a screeching halt! Yesterday, I went off to school with open toed shoes and a cardigan knowing that it was going to cool down that night. However when I walked out of work at 4:00, the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and by the time I got to my massage at 5:30, it was pouring rain and freezing!

This comes at a most inconvenient time as I am getting sick and cold, wet weather does not help! I'm playing hooky today to rest. I feel like I am getting bronchitis which would not be a good thing since I'm going to Chicago in 6 days! That would just royally suck!

When I got home, I was greeted by the herd.

It's funny how they are. Anyone else walks in the house at dinnertime and they don't react in the slightest. The minute my car door closes, apparently they all come running and they are at the door like little kids! Even funnier is the fact that they don't meow or carry on until I am actually ready to feed them. They seem to know that I have to unload groceries and put stuff away. Once I've done all that, however, the singing and dancing commence! Mikey gets on the barstool to attempt to get in my face!

I didn't get anything done on the pop up paw last night. I crashed in front of the TV and stayed in bed late this morning. This is definitely one of the more unmotivating projects I've done. I need to finish it just to get it out of my hair.

When I came down this morning to fix my latte and crash on the couch, someone had beat me to it!
They certainly know how to spend a cold rainy day!

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  1. My husband gets very miffed that our cats can pick my car out of all the others in the street, but never pick his out...