Sunday, March 4, 2007

So much yarn, so little time!

The inspiration just keeps coming but unfortunately the day still has only 24 hours. I got my new patterns from Kpixie earlier in the week and I want to make all of them! The Rusted Root will probably be the first one that I can make since I already have the yarn. I've been sitting on 7 skeins of Classic Elite Premier in a lovely shade of lime green. I can't find the perfect yarn for the Ms. Marigold . The pattern calls for Knit Picks Elegance which I happen to have. I bought 4 skeins to make a scarf in the burnt orange color which I would love to use for this sweater but, as luck would have it, the pattern calls for 5 skeins. So I went on the Knitpicks website only to find that they no longer had that color. I emailed customer service and found that the color had been discontinued. Bummer! So I went to Cloverhill thinking that I might find a lovely Alpaca blend but found nothing. I want a burnt orange sort of spice color. The problem is that I get a color in my head then I can't find it. I also want something that will be soft against the skin so wool is out unless it is merino. There are some alternatives on Ebay. There is Debbie Bliss alpaca silk dk which is pretty nice. The color is redder than I like. I found the perfect color in Karabella Breeze which is a blend of 60% silk and 40% cashmere. Now that combination sounds simply glorious! I've emailed the seller with some questions about gauge. It is a little more expensive but it has 202 yards per 50 gm skein instead of 110. I could probably use only 3 skeins but would be inclined to order 4. I love these Zephyr Style patterns! They are all knit from the top down with little or no seaming and the patterns are extremely well written!

I have time to consider this since I haven't finished the second Pop Up Paw. I have to do that ASAP so I can knit something fun.

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  1. I completely agree on the baby sweater comment. They require so much less knitting than big people sweaters. That's why I like short sleeves and tank tops I think! I really love all of those Zephyr patterns. If I didn't have the yarn for 3 projects sitting around here I would start on one of those ASAP!