Friday, March 16, 2007

Everyone's a clown!

At this house anyway! Ems always comments about how crazy our household is. I mean what would you expect from a bunch of artsy, free-spirited types? So anyway, in spite of the free spiritness that abides here--we have rules just like any other household. One of those rules is that if you use something up, you put it on the grocery list that lives on the side of the refrigerator. Last week Bird was home on spring break. So the items that got used up were not the usual ones. After all, a 20-year old male college student has vastly different taste than his middle aged parents. I will hand it to him though, he remembered the rule as can be evidenced here:

I can oblige him on the first three items, but the rest--well--he's on his own for those and I just don't want to know! That list has had me chuckling all day!

Sam has gotten interested in Elvis for some reason. Elvis is our water turtle. We've had him about 13 years! Ems found him in a local pond when he was less than an inch long! He's rather interesting, but dirty, dirty, dirty! Turtles poop a lot and I've gone through quite a few aquarium filters as a result! I found a good one that is clogged right now. Bottom line is that we have to clean the tank. Once that's done, I can add some fish--for a snack--and plants. When we tell Elvis that he is having some friends for dinner, we mean it literally! We did have another turtle named Fred. He was a mud turtle and not very nice. He didn't last long. I'm not sure exactly what made him sick, but we found him floating aimlessly in the tank, dead. Elvis is rather personable. He sticks his head up when you talk to him like he's listening! The turtles were named after dead rock stars. That was Em's idea. Anyway, Sam has been getting on top of the tank daily. I don't know what got her into this after all these years. She's been here for 7 years, so Elvis is nothing new to her!
Nothing like a sick day! Law and Order reruns, lattes, and taking pictures of cats!

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  1. *LAUGH* Your son sounds like a real stitch!

    Hope your day off has you feeling better!