Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lead me not into temptation!

That basically means that I cannot go into any more yarn shops--ever! Of course that won't happen so I have to start knitting like there's no tomorrow. I splurged a bit today. I went to All About Yarn after work today to get some cotton yarn for dishcloths. I am making some face cloths to go with handmade natural soaps for gifts. Anyway--as they always do--the lovely ladies there had rearranged things which means stuff that's probably been around forever looks new because you never noticed it there before. I had just received some patterns in the mail this afternoon and I walked by a basket of yarn that was absolutely perfect for one of them.

This yarn is gorgeous! It is Odyssey by Reynolds--100% merino. It knits to a subtle slight stripe. The color is more muted than in the photos--a light muted teal. I bought 9 skeins! That was a splurge. The pattern I'm making in this is Wicked in the long sleeved version.

I got a couple other patterns as well. One is a halter pattern by Karabella which I think I will either make in the Premier that I have or in Touche. Both are cotton/ microfiber blends that are very soft and comfy.

The other pattern was a Stitch Diva pattern for felted, beaded clogs! I've never seen clogs with beads! I thought they'd make great gifts! That same company puts out another felted clog pattern with crocheted flowers on them.

The next decision will be whether or not to participate in the Sexy Knitters' Club Knit Along. They are doing Sahara which I already have and love. I just don't know if I'm in the mood to make that one right now. If I see the right yarn, I may get turned on to it, but if not, then I'll pass.

I leave for Chicago tomorrow morning for my conference. I doubt I'll have time for anything other than attending the sessions. These things tend to run one ragged! I'm looking forward to it except that my shuttle leaves the hotel at 6 a.m. on Sunday! Yuck! The hour from hell! Fortunately I've already gotten the maps of O'Hare and the terminal I'll be in has 3, count 'em--3 Starbucks! All I could think of is getting into that security check-in line and having to dump my latte! There would most definitely be a terrorist incident if that were to happen! Fortunately the airport has caffeine near every gate!

Maybe I'll get another dishcoth done! It seems I'll do almost anything to avoid finishing that other pop up paw!


  1. I love your blog and can really relate to the yarn and pattern addiction...You are a very talented woman...Andi in CA