Sunday, March 9, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge: Politics Week 2

Here today, gone tomorrow!

I got paid last week. Then the oil bill came. We've been hearing about rising oil prices and the reasons behind them. It hits particularly hard with heating oil which is more costly than gasoline. But then, I got the electric bill. The largest electric supplier in my state had a 72% rate increase. I was stunned last month when it kicked in. My normal winter electricity costs me between $120 and $180 a month. Now it is over $300! How does this relate to politics? Our last governor appointed a public services commission which sided with the electric company and allowed this huge rate increase. This is the main reason our governor was voted out after one term. I'm simply amazed at the corporate greed! Some executives at Baltimore Gas and Electric are getting fat while some elderly person on social security has to choose between food and heat. It is simply unconscionable! I feel like I basically kiss my hard earned money goodbye.

And watch it float away!

What will I do? I will put on a heavy sweater and turn down the thermostat once again!

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  1. excellent post and photos!
    it's so important for us to realise how poor political choice trickle (or thunder) down and affect almost every aspect of our lives.

  2. i feel the same way when i leave the grocery store. mighty brave of you to let what was left of your pay get caught in the wind!

  3. Your pics and message were powerful and right on!! I was sitting here looking with my husband reading your post. We have been feeeling our oil bills burns us profusely, as the price of gas with our commute to work. Even with solar panels we are feeling the rise in electric...these are scary times and I feel it is quite political in every way!!!

  4. I hear you on every count! Great post!

  5. Sooooooooooooo true, but it's not only the elderly that sometimes have to choose between food and/or heat or whatever, but us single people too! A one income household SUCKS! *sigh*

  6. Sad life, working just to live. I hear ya! :)

    Great idea for a post, sad pictures...seeing the money fly away...but good pictures! ;)