Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rip it, rip it good!

Okay, so I frogged some of Giselle. It was terrifying! I ran a lifeline which helped, but it was crooked so I ended up pulling it out. This yarn is so nice, the stitches stayed right in place so I was able to pick them right up.

It is a little loose after binding off but I can pull that in when I add the crochet trim. My gauge was definitely off. I thought the yarn had stretched, but if it did, it was minimal and I was just off with the gauge.

I like it much better at the new length. This is the length shown in the pattern.

Of course Greg helped me with the process!

I'm glad I decided to do that, though I hated seeing all that work disappear!

Bushism of the day:
"We ended the rule of one of history's worst tyrants, and in so doing, we not only freed the American people, we made our own people more secure." —George W. Bush, Crawford, Texas, May 3, 2003

Kitty Cam: Greg has evil in his eyes!


  1. LOVE the colors in this seacell i'm looking forward to seeing the finsihed peice and hopefully you get it odne before you hand surgery. if you think this yarn doesn't stretch i may consider a yarn sub for wendy's pattern. such nice colors. i'm going to look at them all right now!

  2. I'm so jealous!! I can't wait to see it!

  3. That length looks like it is going to work out perfectly for you! Great color too!