Saturday, September 8, 2007

There's no going back!

That saying applies to more things than I realized! I dropped into DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) yesterday to look around since they are giving double points on their cards. The DSW near me doesn't carry the really pricey designers, but they carry nice shoes none the less. I browsed and didn't find anything. Here's the problem. I've been getting higher end shoes the last year. I haven't bought many because they are just too expensive. But they are worth every penny. I've discovered Cole Haan shoes with the Nike Air padding. They are like nothing I've ever had on me feet--including Danskos. I saw a little pair of Dr. Scholl's sandals with the molded rubber soles on the clearance rack and tried them on, but of course, I was taking my foot out of a $200 Cole Haan sandal and putting on a $25 sandal. Needless to say the $25 one couldn't even compare. Once you've worn really good shoes, there's just no going back. This little experience has motivated me to put a bunch of stuff on ebay because there is a new little bootie in the fall Cole Haan catalog that will be perfect with jeans and for work.

I simply love these. The problem is that they are $375. I've never spent that on shoes. I think $200 is about my max for shoes and higher for boots. I'm thinking these will be in my closet before the end of October! I need to clean out my closet and put all the Nanette Lepore tops I don't wear on ebay as I usually get at least $50 and up for those.

There are other things where price and quality go together.

Premium denim. Yup! That's another one. After my little trip to True Jeans this summer, I realized that good jeans are really worth the price. The fabric is a much higher quality and the fit just doesn't compare.

Cosmetics/ Skin care. This is another biggie. Good skin care products are worth the price.

A good hair cut. I will go hungry before I will skimp on that.

Home grown and/ or organic produce. Once you've gotten used to these, the regular grocery store produce doesn't compare!

High quality natural fibers. This applies to yarn and fabric. I just cannot put polyester on my body! Ever since I started wearing good natural fibers, I can't do synthetics. I may entertain a blend with microfiber, but it has to be good stuff!

Massages! Okay, the choice here is to get regular massages or to go back to not getting them. There's definitely no going back with that one!

I think, in order to possess nice things, one has to live simply. In other words--have fewer things--just choose really nice things! As I get older and start to look toward retirement, I see that I have too much stuff. So my little trip to DSW is really becoming more typical of my shopping these days. I look, but I really don't buy much unless I'm getting gifts. I've come to realize that I wear certain things over and over so I want those things to be nice. I will have fewer of them.

Accomplishments this week:
I've been attacking my mending pile. I had a gorgeous skirt that I bought at Ann Taylor last summer that I had never worn.
Why? Because the lining was too tight! That's right! The lining! I really hate it when a manufacturer makes a lovely flared dress or skirt, then makes the lining stick straight. They do it to cut down on cost, no doubt. This skirt is made of strips of ecrue eyelet which are stitched together at the hip. Then there are about 26 skinny godets inserted to make the skirt flare out.

I split the lining at the side seams and inserted a large godet which gave it much more flare. It fits like a dream whereas before the lining was skin tight on my thighs! Only a year late. At least I got to wear it this season!

I got my yarn for Juliet. I ordered Cascade Venezia in the bulky weight from Yarn Country. It's every bit as soft and dreamy as I expected. It's a very soft off white. I'll have to raid my antique button stash to see if I have some nice oversized mother of pearl buttons for this sweater!

I'm am going to work on Fifi! I am going to try to finish it by the end of this week. That is my goal! My reward will be casting on Juliet!

Bushism of the day:
"This is still a dangerous world. It's a world of madmen and uncertainty and potential mential losses." --George W. Bush, speaking at a South Carolina oyster roast, Jan. 14, 2000

Kitty Cam:
Samantha seems to enjoy the painting scaffold in the dining room!

And she seems annoyed with me for intruding on her privacy!


  1. Its fun to read your list of "never go back"s. I like those boots, too. Go for it! I myself haven't crossed over to really pricey shoes yet, but I don't buy the cheap ones either, usually, and when I do, I can hardly wear them. Recently I discoverd; have you discovered fluevog shoes yet? I'm dying to try them!
    --your pal

  2. I kind of figured Doug has had that Vetter for a while, I've just never seen since I started working here.

    Love the color of the dining room walls!

    Those boots are gorgeous! I haven't quite gotten up to spend that amount on shoes yet :)

  3. My husband was actually the one who got me away from cheaper shoes in my early 20s when I met him. He is a huge believer in good shoes, and you are right - there is no comparison. So far I haven't spent more than $200 on a pair though. Those shoes are going to be all the rage this season. You HAVE to get them. I totally agree with you on quality over quantity. I have never bought really expensive jeans yet (the most I've spent is $110 for Luckys) and I may have to try that. I think I would learn how to do my hair with a box from L'oreal if it was a choice between that and going hungry though! Ramen noodles aren't really that bad though.

  4. i love thecascade venezia it looks gorgeous and will you wear it with yur recently repaired skirt? love the boots too but the heel is a bit too high for me. boots are my weakness and at the moment i love the frye boots...seems like a lot of money to spend on boots to wear on a motorcycle with jeans but i do it anyway! i've always spend lots on boots and on shoes even my flio flops have o be teva! and yarn only the good stuff for me but i like to buy it on a bargain if i can just for the sport! garagibn