Saturday, September 1, 2007

It's "Bawlmer," Hon

That title will only make sense to the locals. "Bawlmer" refers to Baltimore. We Baltimorons say it that way and we call everyone "Hon" as well. This is on my mind because I had to go to Fells Point to pick up our dining room lamp which was at Baltimore Brassworks. My brother, the antiques dealer, had found the perfect ceiling chandelier for our dining room and it was in the rough so it needed a trip to the Brassworks. The shop is right on Thames Street, just steps away from the wharf. Fells Point is quite different than the Inner Harbor in that it oozes true Baltimore character. No Starbucks here! Only coffee shops with names like "The Daily Grind" and "Whole Latte Love." Fells Point and Federal Hill are probably the most historic parts of the city. Thames Street is a rocky brick road which was probably built in the late 1700's. I ended up pulling out the cell phone to take a few photos. Those who know me know that I love the series "Homicide, Life on the Street" which was filmed in Baltimore. It airs weekdays at 11 a.m. on WGN in Chicago, so I set the DVR to record it and I watch it when having my evening tea.
Walking down Thames, I approached the police station used in the series. I love the tug boats that dock at the warf!

It appears that the station building is undergoing some sort of renovation.

Here's the Waterfront hotel and bar, ca. 1771. The detectives met here frequently in the series.

Another view of the water. The rugged brick pavement can be seen.

I love this! This mannequin sits outside of the "alternative" clothing store.

Fells Point is quirky. This shop was 3 doors down from A Good Yarn. I had never been to that shop so I took a little stroll. While walking, I was reminded of one of the things Fells Point is known for--painted screen doors! Many of the screen doors on the old rowhouses have scenes painted on them. I've never seen this anywhere else! Anyway, A Good Yarn is a very nice albeit very small shop. What was nice was the table they had out front on the sidewalk for their Saturday morning sit and knit sessions. It was right under a tree and it was really a perfect day for sitting and knitting outside--something that one would typically not want to do in Maryland this time of year!

I do love Baltimore, but as Ems puts it, it is "really ghetto." Most cities have a ghetto section--you know that part of town where you would never go. In Baltimore, there are some places like that, but the "nice" parts of town are interrupted with mini-slums. You'll be walking down a street with historic row houses and upscale restaurants only to walk through 2 or 3 blocks of crack houses after which you come to another nice section. The problem with this is that you never feel completely safe if you live or work there. Perhaps that will improve over the years. Who knows?!

I must show my aquisitions for the week! I went to G-Street Fabrics to get lining, interfacing and Swiss edging lace for my suit since they were having 25% off for Labor Day when, lo and behold, the leather skin I had been coveting for the last month reappeared in the leather bin! It is a huge skin--23.3 square feet which is easily enough to make a skirt with godets. Leather has no grain so you lay the pieces out however you can to make them all fit! Anyway, it is a drapey garment leather in a delicious chocolate brown!

This will look great with the yarn I got at A Good Yarn! I have been looking for something to make the Textured Tunic on the cover of Fitted Knits. It requires a bulky yarn and the model in the book is made from wool. I just cannot wear a bulky wool sweater all day so I was in the market for something else that still looked like a tweed. It's really hard to find something that is thick enough. I ended up getting two yarns which I will strand. One is Cascade Venezia which is 70% merino and 30% silk. It is a lovely smooth yarn with a nice sheen. The other is called Wool and Silk by Harrisville. It is 50/50 wool/silk and it has that crunch and nubby texture of raw silk. The color is a beige--not a typical color for me, but I thought it would be nice to have a neutral colored sweater.

I stopped in Joann's today since they had McCall's patterns for $1.99. I was thrilled to find this pattern.

This is just what I've been looking for! I needed a skirt with small godets or inserts for lace--the pleats are backed with lace on this pattern. I had bought some gorgeous wool suiting last winter for this vogue jacket and I wanted to actually make a skirt suit.

I'll be making view C with the lace on the sleeves so I wanted a skirt that had lace as well. The wool is lightweight and extremely soft. I was able to find some reembroidered Alencon lace to use so now I will just need the lining and other incidentals.

DH and I ended the day with a trip to the movies to see the Bourne Ultimatum which I think is my favorite of the 3 Bourne movies. It pretty much keeps you on the edge of your seat from the moment it begins! Tomorrow, I will clean and grocery shop and Monday, I will play! How? I don't know, but I suspect there will be fiber involved! Labor Day is a day of rest from one's labor, so I made it a point to NOT bring home any school work! Let's hope I don't regret it! Nah!

Bushism of the day:
"Well, I think if you say you're going to do something and don't do it, that's trustworthiness." --George W. Bush, in a CNN online chat, Aug. 30, 2000

Kitty Cam:
When I got home from the city, I found Bar (Harley) relaxing on the sofa with DH.


  1. I love Fells Point! We should do a Girls' Night out there one weekend!!

  2. I absolutely love your suit plan; the fabric is excellent and the lace is fabulous and the patterns are both perfect. I can hardly wait to see it done!!

    -secret pal