Saturday, September 15, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: Bathroom II: Week 3

This is my first self portrait challenge.

Transformation I

Transformation II

The bathroom as a setting has had different meanings in the different phases of my adult life. When my children were toddlers, the bathroom was stressful. I could not take a shower without having them either with me in the tub or in the playpen in the bathroom. We were always able to turn the shower or bath into fun, usually with water everywhere. As my kids got older, the bathroom became a place of sanctuary. The rule was that Mom was not to be disturbed with in the bathroom. I could kick back and read or just sit and collect my thoughts. Now, as an older adult, the bathroom has taken on a different meaning. It has become a place of transformation. Whether it be transforming me from the aches and pains of a long day of work with a hot shower, or transforming me into a finished product with makeup and hair products, it is a place where change occurs. I like to think of the bathroom as the place where I get to add color to my external self: washing away the cares of the previous day, coloring the gray, camoflaging the wrinkles or painting the lips! I always feel brighter after my morning transformation with my flaws hidden under a fresh coat of paint!

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  1. Cool self-portraits! The first one must have been hard to get timed right. I agree, as I get older I seem to need more time in the morning for my transformation.

  2. i love the pics, but love the write up even more. i am feeling the bathroom stress right now. when i call a friend mid-morning i'm always shocked that they're taking a leisurely bath... i don't even know what that's like! ;-D