Monday, September 24, 2007

Finally Fifi!

Here she is!

Fortunately Sophia doesn't mind wearing an unblocked garment! I will model her when she's blocked!
Here are the details--
Yarn: Rowan Calmer in Refresh--3.5 balls
Needles: Knitpicks Options size 7
Size: XS
Modifications: I added 4 extra rows to the sleeves and cast on 7 stitches under the arm when joining the body. I did 12 repeats of the center panel pattern and I did a simple crochet slip stitch around the neck to control the rolling.

Over all--I like this sweater but I got really tired of working on it. Honestly--I would rather do stockinette! I get really annoyed with so much ribbing. I really had to slog through the body section! I don't know what it was! I just became disenchanted with it!

I am starting Juliet in a few minutes! I can't wait! DH and I will be going to Pittsburgh this coming weekend so I can get a little knitting done there. We're going on Sunday for Bird's Symphonic Band concert. He's a senior and we haven't been to any of his band concerts as they are always on Sunday evenings. We decided that we would go to as many of them, if not all of them this year. I guess I'll be out of work some extra Mondays! The drive to Pittsburgh is particularly lovely this time of year because there is so much colorful fall foliage. I'm sorry we can't stay longer. We will probably help Bird get his computer fixed and a few other things. We haven't seen the "new" house. He and one of his roomates from last year moved to a new house at the beginning of the slopes a few blocks away from the old one. He says it's a beauty--fully restored! We'll see!

Other happenings--I've been going through the private health insurance nightmare. Ems comes off my insurance the end of this month and she's still in school. So we have to find affordable health insurance. We have done so, but I suspect when we get the final approval that there will be preexisting condition clauses that won't cover treatment for anything she's been treated for in the last year. I'm really amazed that in the country, we cannot find a way to provide our citizens with affordable health care. The Canadians do it. How hard can it really be? I know that it is really a complex issue but it could be done if the powers that be didn't buckle to special interest groups.

Ok. That's enough! I won't rant anymore! I will go cast on for Juliet!

Bushism of the day:
"I couldn't imagine somebody like Osama bin Laden understanding the joy of Hanukkah." —George W. Bush, at a White House Menorah lighting ceremony, Washington, D.C., Dec. 10, 2001


Kitty Cam:
Greg watches TV on the easy chair while I knit!


  1. Fifi looks great!!

    Your cats really do sit in the most oddest of fashion!!

  2. fifi looks great. you may be disappointed in the fall foliage in pittsburgh this weekend. the guy and i went out riding last weekend and found very little color...yet. it will come and it will be grand! there is a new yarn shop or at least one i found out about in the city. i think it is on murray avenue but i haven't been there yet. sorry i'll have more info next time! have fun in the burgh!