Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ta da !

Another FO--this one of the sewing variety! Here, Sophia models the gown (before it was steamed):

I let her borrow my shoes for the photo!

Of the three formals I've made, this one is my favorite. It fits well and is incredibly comfortable. It is also really easy to move in. The train doesn't get in the way when I walk and the organza underlining makes the dress "swishy," which I like! I bustled the back but did not have to resort to using the bustle because there was no dancing at the banquet we attended. I really think I need to put ties up on the sides as well because the skirt is long on the sides and back and the drape looks better with it bustled in 3 places. I'll worry about that the next time I wear it. I was able to get some photos of me in the dress:

I've learned that those stick on bras they have at Victoria's Secret are really wonderful things. I thought it would be uncomfortable, but I couldn't feel the thing! I highly recommend checking out the selection there if you ever need something to wear under a backless garment!

So it's back to my knitting. I hope to finish the One Skein Wonder either tonight or tomorrow then it is on to Fifi. I will have to just make myself finish it. I know that I will love it.

Bushism of the day:
"The Bob Jones policy on interracial dating, I mean I spoke out on interracial dating. I spoke against that. I spoke out against interracial dating. I support the policy of interracial dating." --George W. Bush, interview with CBS News, February 25, 2000

WoW! Make up your mind, George!

Kitty Cam:
Samantha always rests on the vacant chair next to me at our computer desk. She often finds a way to sneak onto my lap while I'm typing.


  1. The gown turned out beautifully!! I really like how it fits. Looks like we have the same body type - I am going to take hints from you on good styles for myself as well!

  2. You won a prize! Send me an email at and I will send out your prize b00ty!