Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Measure twice, cut once!

That was the saying on a "This Old House" t-shirt that DH used to have. It's really good advice and applicable to a variety of situations where precision is necessary. When I knit, I measure myself and do a gauge swatch. I also measure the garment as I go along. I have found that I have very rarely had to frog stuff due to fit. When I sew, I measure myself and the pattern pieces. I spend more time making adjustments to the pattern pieces then I do cutting out stuff. If I am making a really fitted garment, such as the gown I'm currently working on, then I stitch it up in muslin to check the fit more closely. It would really suck to cut out $300 worth of silk and have to rip out. That would not be good. So I spent Tuesday night making pattern adjustments (except for length) and I cut out the pieces in muslin. I didn't get around to sewing until after dinner last night. I was amazed at how easily the pieces went together. I was done within 2 and a half hours! Granted I didn't finish seams and do a lot of things I will do with the silk or make a lining, but it went together very easily. I was particularly surprised at how flawlessly the godets pieces into the skirt. I seem to remember having trouble getting the points nice, but these were perfect which is a good thing because there are 8 of them.

Those are the godets in the front of the gown.

Even better was the way this gown fit! It fits me perfectly. I think I will add another half inch of ease in the seam below the bust because there will be several layers of fabric which may make it just a tad snug. It is a fabulous dress. I put my heels on to check the length and I will have to shorten the pattern by 5 inches! Here is Sophia modelling the muslin mock-up:

Pardon the puckers. I didn't take much care with that or press it. The muslin was put together merely for fitting purposes. I am very pleased with the results of this one! I have gotten the fitting thing down. I will need to go to Victoria's Secret to get one of those stick on bras though since this baby is completely backless.

I found a little kiosk at Arundel Mills with Swarovsky crystal hair ornaments. I splurged on these:

I tried useing the big fancy comb to anchor a French twist and it worked well. It looks nice with the pick thingy place on top. The little things are to hold any stray pieces of hair that choose not to cooperate. The trick will be putting my hair up and not messing it up when I put the dress over my head! The dress is actually simple so I think hair and shoe glitz will be good.
Here are my shoes:

Now I just hope it won't be 100 degrees out Saturday night!

Okay--enough slacking. I have to cut out my fabric tonight!

Bushism of the day:
"Natural gas is hemispheric. I like to call it hemispheric in nature because it is a product that we can find in our neighborhoods." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 20, 2000

Kitty cam:
Greg is oblivious to the fact we have houseguests. He just wants a tummy rub!


  1. Absolutely ADORE the dress and it looks like the fit will be perfect! Great advice on the measuring/cutting - I'm still learning it the hard way once in a while on knitting, but I'm definitely going to be applying this even more to my sewing. Love the shoes too.

  2. Whew! Check out that back! It's beautiful in the muslin - I can't imagine it in the silk! Now I know where you were tonight :) Hope the fabric cutting went well.

  3. The dress is going to be absolutely gorgeous. What are you wearing it to?
    Can't wait to see the finished product.
    Lois Allen