Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hockey Moms

Wondering what the title of this post means? Well for those who don't know--I am a hockey mom--one, I might add, of major proportions! Both of my kids played--yes, even Ems! I spent every weekend with my car trunk loaded with stinky equipment bags and goalie pads traveling hundreds of miles, often before the sun came up to go to rinks scattered all over the mid atlantic. I frequently lost my voice cheering for my kids' teams--Chesapeake Chiefs, Howard Huskies, Tri City Eagles, Hammond High School. And I still hold the title of the commissioner of the Howard County Scholastic Hockey Association which is my local high school league--one reason I haven't blogged as much lately as I've been finalizing my ice contracts, holding league meetings and creating game schedules for my 11 teams. Why is this important? It's important because in no way, shape or form do I want to be associated with the most well known hockey mom that's been in the news this season. Thus, for my knitting friends, you will notice that my new Ravelry avatar has changed from my red lips picture to this:

With last night being the Caps' home opener, DH and I spent our anniversary going downtown (to DC) to do a little genealogy work at the DAR library in the afternoon, followed by dinner at Capital Q which has the best barbecue in the city. It's a casual place where you get your drinks in cans or bottles and rolls of paper towels sit on the tables. After dinner, we donned our Caps jerseys, went next door to Starbucks and headed over to the Verizon center to take our places in the nosebleed section to enjoy the opening game. I must admit that I was stunned to see the Chicago Blackhawks score 20 seconds into the game! Given that the Caps lost 7 - 4 in Atlanta the previous night, this had me a little concerned. Fortunately they came back and won 4 - 2. I have great hopes for this team after last season. I hope the change in goaltenders wasn't a blunder!

Philly had their home opener last night as well! Guess who dropped the ceremonial puck? Guess who was booed from the audience when doing so? I guess those working class hockey fans in Philly don't see the VP candidate as "one of us."

For more on this story, go here!

This may be a three post day. I have some FO's to share, but I have to photograph them. I finished the bodice of my Surplice Lace Camisole and I've started on the lace section. I have a couple of sewing FO's to share. I'm not fast with my sewing because I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. I love finesse in my sewing so I tend to use couture sewing techniques for seam finishing, lining and other details which add a lot more labor. I'll try to photograph my goodies today.

Other news--I had my hair cut on Friday and had it done much like I did last Dec. I asked her for more copper in the color but it doesn't show as much because it seems darker. I like it though. I think next time I will have it cut shorter in more of a stacked bob.

That's it for now!

Bushism of the day:
"You know, when you give a man more money in his pocket -- in this case, a woman more money in her pocket to expand a business, it -- they build new buildings. And when somebody builds a new building somebody has got to come and build the building. And when the building expanded it prevented additional opportunities for people to work." --George W. Bush, Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 3, 2007

Kitty Cam: Ems' new kitty, Chelsea, loves to get into things and she also loves to play with Cosmo!

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