Sunday, January 21, 2007

Old Projects

It seems that my projects fall into 2 categories: those that I haven't finished knitting and those in which the knitting is completed but must be blocked or stitched together. I finially finished one of those this week. I knit this shrug from the Interweave Knits website collection of staff shrugs in the summer of 2005. For whatever reason I just never got around to stitching the 2 arm seams. This one is called the Minimalist Ribbon Shrug and it is knit on Size 10.5 and 11 needles in Colinette Giotto. I believe the colourway is called Windfall.

I love Giotto. It just has a lovely sheen and gorgeous texture.

There are a couple more shrugs in that collection on my to do list!

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