Thursday, July 10, 2008

Take time to smell the flowers!

I love fresh flowers in the house! I particularly love it when I have flowers that last!

These sunflowers are into their second week! They don't look quite this nice anymore and I think I will replace them today. I like to buy different flowers each time I replace them for this spot in the house. I also have a variety of vases that I use depending on the flowers. For the dining room, I like to stick with Alstromeria lillies.

As you can see, Samantha loves these as well. I get 15 stems in a bunch and use 2 in each of the 5 vessels on this epergne. I use the remaining stems in a mini vase in the living room and in an antique bottle in the powder room. I get a big bang for my buck with these! This week I cut some lovely hydrangea blooms for these other vases. I simply love hydrangea. I am particularly fond of blue flowers. I cannot wait to see all the hydrangeas when I go to Rhode Island in a couple of weeks. They grow everywhere! There are hedges of them spilling all along the roadside and the sight of them takes my breath away! I even passed a hydrangea farm there!

I finished knitting the body of my Labyrinth last night so now I have to knit a swatch to experiment with some dye painting! I am using Procion MX dye this time so I have to experiment with different formulas to get the right match! While Labyrinth dries, I will start swatching for the Dayflower Camisole. I have this exact yarn in a lovely soft spring green in my stash and I've always loved this pattern.

Sewing--I've been procrastinating on my kitchen curtain. I didn't get it done yesterday. I did sew some darling project bags to replace the zip locs in my knitting tote. I would show photos, but I've made some for my secret pal so I have to keep them secret!

I am currently in the process of finding a pet sitter for the weekend that DH meets me in New England. Typically, I would get a dry food dispenser to go next to the water dispenser and the kitties would be fine. Mikey, however, needs insulin shots twice a day so he cannot be left for 3 days with no shots. Even Elvis is pretty trouble free! If I give him some fresh aquarium plants and feeder fish, he can go with without his turtle sticks. He just has to work to catch his dinner! Here's a pic of Elvis doing the "foot thing."

He basks and shakes his feet in the air to dry them off. When he was a baby, he would bask on his tummy and hold his feet in the air! It was very strange looking!

A bit of nostalgia
I came across this dress that I made in the early 90's to wear to a summer wedding. It is either a Vogue or Burda pattern--most likely Burda because that was pretty much what I used back them. This dress features a shaped, fitted bodice which is boned. It has wide gathered shoulder straps and two ruffle tiers for the skirt. There is a large layered bow stitched to one side of the back zipper that fastens to the other side with a large hook and eye. What I love particularly is the fabric this dress is made of. It is a silk/cotton blend with a jacquard type floral design. The color is a soft buttery yellow. I have never found this fabric since then. If I could, I would snatch it up! It is lightweight with the crisp, sticky feel and sheen of silk. The cotton seems to add softness so there isn't the crunchy feel that silk typically has. The bodice is lined with China Silk. I couldn't find a photo of me in the dress. I do remember that it hit in the middle or right above the knee. I couldn't fasten the top of the zipper because I can't make Racquel small enough!

Since I don't have an old photo of me, I will share this one for my niece who regularly reads this blog. She is pictured on the left, with her younger sister, now known as "Mrs. Beers" in the middle and Ems on the right. I had given my nieces the outfits, called Wibbies, for Christmas that year! Please check out her blog at the above link. It is quite entertaining and you may learn some interesting bar review facts!

Bushism of the day:
"The only way we can win is to leave before the job is done." --George W. Bush, Greeley, Colo., Nov. 4, 2006

Kitty Cam: Mikey and Samantha enjoy napping on the dining room table.


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  2. "I also have a variety of vases that I use depending on the flowers."

    Wow Mom, thats kind of like me. I have a variety of glassware that I use depending on the beer that I'm drinking.