Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge: Blue, week 2

Singin' the blues

I find that the color of my surroundings affects my mood. Blue has always been a calming color for me. I've never understood why the color has been associated with sadness as in "I'm feeling blue." That has never made sense to me. I always drive blue cars because being surrounded by blue helps balance out the stress that comes with the crazy traffic in the DC area. Several years ago, my school was completely renovated--basically being torn down and rebuilt. Imagine my delight when my avacado green and gray classroom from 1960 was transformed into a room with blue as the dominant color! White walls, blue cabinets, blue carpet and red trim are now what I see. I find it to be a much more relaxing environment. During my planning periods, you will often find me sitting on my blue carpet, in my blue jeans, tuning fork in hand, sight reading through choral music. Thus the title of my photo isn't entirely accurate, because I am usually quite joyful when singing. I rarely sing the blues!

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  1. it's nice th have a nice blue carpet to sit on at school! lucky you. and aren't we lucky to be able to wear jeans to work too! btw my blue martininis nothing but a fake...water with a diash of blue curacao for color for the spc of course. i love the look o fblue martinins but havne't found a really good tasting blue one yet!