Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life with Mikey

This is Mikey:

Mikey has been keeping me busy the past few days. For those who don't know, Mikey is diabetic which typically means that he gets just a little extra care than the other kitties. Usually this just involves getting two insulin shots a day. Last Wednesday Mikey went to the vet for a blood test. Just like human diabetics, feline diabetics often have poor circulation. Being chubby doesn't help either. So the vet had to shave the inside of one of Mikey's legs and probe with the needle before finally hitting a vein. This is not unusual. What is unusual is that Sunday night, I noticed that Mikey was rather grumpy and somewhat lethargic. I couldn't figure out why. Monday night, he was clearly worse. Then I noticed a rather large abscess at the site of the blood test. It was totally gross. It had to hurt like the dickens! So Tuesday night, we went back to the vet. Because of the diabetes, the vet thought that the abscess should be cultured so that we didn't waste time determining the type of bacteria causing the infection--thus being able to pursue to correct type of antibiotics. Was I shocked to see that the culture was over $100! The total bill was $172. Boy, I wasn't prepared for that! He had the abscess drained, got a broad spectrum antibiotic injection and a pain killer. He was much better this morning and he actually ate--so I could give him his insulin which he hadn't gotten in over a day since he wasn't eating. He will return to the vet to be checked out again tomorrow. He's a funny kitty. Most cats hide after medical treatment. Mikey tolerates it well and will cuddle after as if he knows that I put him through it to make him feel better.

That's about the extent of the last few days. I've been knitting and will perhaps show some progress photos soon. I'm at the point on Silken Scabbard where I divide the sleeves and the body.

We've been having some snow flurries. The weather can be such a tease!

Bushism of the day
Keith Olbermann's Worser person addresses Mr. Bush's speaking abilities!

Kitty Cam: Harley's likes to act like royalty by sleeping on a pillow!


  1. Aw, hope Mikey is feeling better...he's a cutie.

  2. The Venkmans used that second Bush quote from the Keith Olbermann video for an intro to one of our songs on our full length.

    If you want to see a DAMN GOOD Keith Olbermann video, check this one out

  3. Poor Mikey - I hope he's better!