Monday, January 21, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge: Celebrations, Week 3

Celebrate! No school today!

Today is a federal holiday so there is no school. This is how I have spent the morning--with a latte and the remote control! It is now 10:30 and typically I would be starting my 3rd class of the day! Of course this relaxation is short lived as in a few minutes I will be dragging out the vacuum cleaner. Today is DH's birthday and we will be celebrating that tonight. Now that we have finished renovating the living room and dining room, we have gone back to the big family dinners at home where the honoree gets to choose what he or she wants and Mom prepares it! There won't be many more of these celebrations. Bird is staying in Pittsburgh when school gets out and Ems is moving to Providence so these celebrations will become even more precious as time goes on! As for now, I will savor my latte and my nice, warm flannel pj's on this unusually cold winter day and I will celebrate having some leisure time to myself!

For more photos of how and what people celebrate, go here!


  1. me too no work today! fun huh?

  2. I agree, no work or school today IS a celebration! Wahoo!

  3. HEY!! Happy Birthday, Old Guy! And we mean that in the nicest way. Let us take you out for a birthday beer soon! You too, Vicki!
    All the Best,
    Meredith and Bob

  4. O! I always, ALWAYS even for my kids LOVED NO SCHOOL Snow Days!!!

  5. great p.j.s. I had to work yesterday on our holiday. no fun.

  6. I'm not a huge fan of the cold, however, you make it seem so cozy.

    I love the Starbucks cup!